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Unlocking of an iPhone is usually swapped with jailbreaking. However, the two are not really the same. Jailbreaking is normally a procedure done to allow iPhone users to access applications that are not approved by Apple on your iPhone. Irrespective of that, you have to jailbreak your iPhone before you can unlock it. On the other hand, unlocking of your iPhone means breaking the SIM card lock so that you can not only use your iPhone with approved apple carriers but also other networks of your preference.

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For instance, the only networks in which you can use your iPhone are AT&T and Verizon. When you unlock your mobile phone then you are able to use the other communication networks in your local or anywhere across the world.

How to Unlock Apple iPhone Unlocking iPhone

While taking the procedure, you have to be very cautious because there are risks involved. One of the risks is that there is a chance your phone will be subjected to damage while unlocking. What’s more is that you will void your phone’s warranty automatically when you have unlocked your phone. Otherwise you can always request for technical support from the Apple Company after unlocking your phone.

In addition to that, it will not be easy for you to install the official upgrades of your iPhone. Sometimes you can be able to install the upgrade but you will later have complicated problems while running the upgrade on your phone.

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However, the functionality of your iPhone is not impaired after unlocking it and you can use it the normal way. There is no other effect that is unfavorable in the standard operation of your iPhone after unlocking. Your phone will still have the same functions and features as it had before embarking on the process.

Unlocking your iPhone is always of great benefit to people who would want to use the iPhone but are already in contract with a network that is not connected the brand. It is obvious that these people would not want to transfer to another service provider because of the extra expenses.

You would also love to unlock your phone if you are a frequent traveler. This is because you can still use your local SIM card. You do not need to buy a new phone in that particular area. Your only worry is now on local phone charges. This helps you to also dodge the roaming fees when you want to call home and check on how your family is carrying on.


Learn the easy way of unlocking the iPhone at unlocked-iphone.org. Unlocking iphone can help to open your iphone for all networks and also open for other cool features.

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  1. please help . i need your help ! i have asked my relative to buy an iphone 4s locked version of $199 from usa and i am not sure it would work with vodafone sim in india . i have surfed the net and found about gevey sim but i do not trust it . please help me at [email protected]. its urgent . i”m thankful to u

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