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Despite all of the major shifts in technology which have happened over the course of the past decade, one thing has remained constant: Blogging is still the primary way that individuals document and share their opinions, observations, and personal takes on life at large.

The craft has stood the test of time, but the way blogs are maintained and presented has changed dramatically. As smartphones have revolutionized the blogging industry, it has become essential for dedicated bloggers to have a few key apps on their iPhones.

5 Must Have Blogging Apps for iPad -iPhone

Whether it’s social networking, mobile posting applications, or even those applications which help bloggers upload photos and share them with the world, these applications take the traditional, long-format blog, and make them vastly more mobile and easily manageable for a society that is increasingly on-the-go and centered around smartphones like Apple’s iPhone.

Google Analytics

The first application that any blogger should have on their iPhone is the Google Analytics app from Google itself. The company’s user-tracking application has long been hailed as the standard way of determining where users are coming from, how they’re spending their time, and which content is their favorite, but the web interface has been very clunky and has had trouble translating to mobile devices.

That is no longer the case now that Google has unleashed a mobile application version of its popular data tracking service. Bloggers will find it easy to access all of the service’s features, from user agent and browser tracking to referral links and “most clicked” websites and URL destinations. The interface seamlessly integrates into the iOS environment and provides a mobile way to perform advanced data analysis and user patterning.


With more than 60 million users around the world, WordPress is the world’s most popular content management software solution. Its websites power a vast number of self-hosted websites and the company’s remotely-hosted WordPress.com blogs make up a similarly large number of the blogs currently operating online. This vast user base necessitates a helpful iPhone application, and that’s exactly what WordPress users get with this official app from the company.

The app can be paired with any number of self-hosted and WordPress.com weblogs, and it can perform most of the basic functions that the typical WordPress Dashboard can perform. That includes page and post creation and editing, category creation and modification, comment moderation, and other features. It cannot install or manage plugins, nor can it present custom administration panel from within the Dashboard, but for those features users would want to migrate to a traditional computer anyway.


The chief rival to WordPress is TypePad, the company behind the wildly popular MovableType blogging platform. They aren’t a company which is easily outdone, and so their mobile application is equally as robust as the WordPress offering. Users can create pages and posts, and edit them as well, and moderate or delete comments. They’ll also find it easy to manage categories, tags, and other information with this application on their phone.


Most bloggers make a modest income by using Google AdSense contextual advertisement within their pages and posts. That information can, of course, be tracked using the traditional Google user interface and a traditional computer. For mobile bloggers, however, the options are a bit less robust. That is, of course, unless they’re using the popular iEarn application to manage their advertising.

The iEarn app allows bloggers to manage their AdSense impressions, view their earnings, and other advertisement-base statistics, and it does so while using a typical iOS interface that is exceedingly easy to use. For those who rely on advertising to pay there web hosting costs, this app is absolutely essential.


And, of course, no blogging application lineup would be complete without the official PayPal application for iOS devices. Recently redesigned, the PayPal application is now capable of performing virtually every function that its fuller, desktop version can handle.

Bloggers will find it easy to send, receive, and withdraw money using the application; they’ll also be able to manage all of their profile information relatively easily with the new, more intuitive interface developed by the people at PayPal.

Lots of Great Options for Avid Bloggers

The great thing about being an iPhone-owning blogger is that the device has access to the largest application marketplace in the world. These five applications are the best of the best, but they’re not the only ones. With a little careful research and an honest assessment of a blog’s (and a blogger’s needs, there is no blog-related function that cannot be performed easily and efficiently with an iPhone app.


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