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Using the iPad would very much be marveling and interesting experience, right? You have the high quality image display and great video experience to complement the tablet computer’s great features. And there are still great features such as its high quality mega pixels camera, which graces the elegancy and beauty of the device.

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But do you know that there are some apps that could even revolutionize this experience for the better? Apps can make your new iPad stun you when they are the right apps on the right device. You have apps that can keep you engaged and challenge your mental capacity, while there are those that are just for fun-lovers and hungry gamers. Overall, you want to know the apps that would be the right choice for you and why you should go for them and that is why this post will be discussing some apps that will completely revolutionize your new iPad device for you.

Angry Birds HD

“Angry birds” is the go to app when it comes to gaming on the iOS platform. ‘Angry birds’ has not only grown to become one of the most popular game on the internet, but it’s also very creative and fun to have on your new iPad.

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The display of this app is a novel, and nothing can look better than it on your iPad.

‘Angry birds’ uses the risk it puts the birds by making the green pigs a major enemy to challenge your mental skills. You can’t have this app on your iPad and feel bored again!

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The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple store on iTunes.

Free Kindle App

You might be asking the question “why kindle, when there’s the default iBook?” Well, you might value having this app on your iPad if you are the type that reads a lot. Of course, you have your kindle tablet, but that’s why you’ll love to have this app on your iPad because you can actually download all the books you have on your kindle on your iPad for free!

Get this app on your iPad and feel the fun in being able to switch from one device to the other while reading the same book.

This app also goes for free on the Apple store on iTunes.

Plants vs. Zombies HD

Plants vs. Zombies will change the way you handle your iPad. This app is guaranteed to shake you off your seat, while you are in a dark monster battle with zombies. As you advance in level, the game becomes tougher but yet adds more fun and excitement.

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This app gets you engaged by forcing you to guard your house, which will be under invasion by zombies if you do not take care. The app is a TAL favorite.

Of all the apps in this list, ‘Plants vs. Zombies ‘is the only app that is not for free. But the app is a steal for the price it goes at, $4.99.

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