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Samsung Galaxy S3 is the most awaited smart phone by the industry. It is the successor of Galaxy S2 which sold more than 20 million units which is record breaking numbers for the smart phone market. The Galaxy series phones are termed as the best Android powered smart phones and are viewed as potential candidates to dethrone iPhone as the leader. Samsung has done well in its labs to bring out the best of features that are worth its cost. It is enough to spend just one hour to understand the specifications and to give your opinion about the Galaxy S3 version. This is not a normal article to discuss the specifications of S3 but I have tried my best to explain the super cool features available that will enhance the user experience.

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Innovative Device:

There are lots of new features added to the kitty and they have done well to upgrade most of the predecessor features which is promising to offer a magical effect. The 4.8 inch screen size is very big but has a sharper, quicker display with better responsiveness. I believe this should be rated as a radically innovative device in the market.

Samsung Galaxy S3 – Most Awaited Wait And A Glance At Its Super Cool Features

Amazing Screen:

Do you know that there is a new sensor placed in the screen which will track the movement of your eyeballs? The functionality is that unless your eye is moved out of the screen, it will not dim or lock the mobile on its own. “Smart Stay” feature will save you from the nuisance of locking the mobile phone every other minute. There will be a little icon displaying this cool feature on its screen.

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One Move To Dial A Call Less:

If you want to dial a number or pick up a detail from the contact list, it is enough to take the phone to your face and it will automatically dial the number. The S-Voice feature allows you to control the flow of your voice and adjust the tone, language accent etc. It behaves more or less like the “Siri” application but does more than that. You can completely handle and control the functioning of the mobile phone using this feature.

Photo Faces Recognition:

There is a cool functionality available called the “Buddy Photo Share” which will automatically register the faces in the photographs. In that case, it will try to display the social media profiles of the recognized profiles and allows you to upload the photograph. I am sure that features of these kinds will become default standards for the future Smartphones. This feature allows you to tag and offers a slide show by default which improves the user experience.

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Sharing Content Made Easy:

Screen content and transfer of files are made lot easier by simply touch each other’s devices. A similar kind of feature was also seen in latest Motorola Razr model. Unless the patent war intensifies with Apple and other manufacturers, Samsung can be expected to touch new highs and set new standards for the Smartphone devices. The processor is extremely capable of playing high definition videos without any technical glitch.
The phone is definitely bigger than its predecessor but not heavier as iPhone. It gives a solid feeling to operate the phone. Experts believe that it is an extra-ordinary Smartphone from Samsung which will keep its hopes of surpassing Apple standards in the near future. It is altogether a different and superb product from Samsung.

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