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A Tablet Computer is a Mobile computer ,larger than mobile phones,integrated into a flat touch screen.It is operated by touching the screen instead of using keyboard,virtual keyboard are exists in this.Touch User Interfaces are hand written recognition and touch screen hardware.

Without government purchase, the tablet PC market for consumers alone is expected to grow from 0.35 million in 2011-12 to 1.89 million in 2015-16.

Tablet PCs are computing devices, which are now being used for Internet, connectivity and as a multimedia device. The form factor makes it easier for tablet PCs to be more mobile and the larger screen size, compared to a mobile phone, makes it a better productivity tool.

A key factor in the growth of tablets has been the encouragement from the government in adopting and developing low-cost options for use in our villages and other rural areas. Education and healthcare services are now being accessed by many more people with the help of low-cost tablet,” he said.

Tablets, being one of the cheapest devices available in the Indian market, has the potential that can transform the entire country.

An increasing number of enterprises are also opting for tablet PCs driven by mobility, ease of use, low cost and availability of applications.


Main Functions of tablets are Wireless mobile browser  functions (using 2G, 3G, 4G or WiFi) ,E-mail and social media devices (typically with integration apps to bring all feeds into the same view) ,Potential cell phone functions (Messaging, video calling, speakerphone or headset cellphone uses), GPS satellite navigation ,Stills and Video camera functions, photo and video viewing and editing ,E-book reading (including electronic versions of periodicals),Downloadable apps (games, education, utilities), Portable media player function , Weigh around one or two pounds (0.5 – 1 kilogram),  Battery life of three to twelve hours depending on usage pattern.

It is weightless object, can access from anywhere at anytime.will not take more spaces for coverage.In future,Tablet will use for education instead of text book.The tablet is a form factor that we can safely say is here to stay.

Among tablets available in the market, Apples ipad is the top-selling tablet with 100 million units sold by mid October 2012

According to a survey conducted by the Online Publishers Association (OPA) in March 2012, 31% percent of Internet users in the United States own a tablet, up from 12% in 2011

The survey also found that 72% of tablet owners had an ipad, while 32% had an Android tablet in 2011; and by 2012, Android tablet adoption has increased, with 52% of tablet owners using an ipad, while 51% use an Android-powered tablet.

  1. I am totally agree to this. Even myself also consider to buy my own tablet/iPad instead of laptop. Especially after launch of win8 since you need to re-learn how to use windows. So, why not switch to other platform or OS, right?

  2. I like my Android OS, and prefer my tablet for more recreational activities (gaming, social, and so forth.) But I still want my laptop when I am digging in to work. It will be interesting to see how this evolves though over the next few years.

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