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Various products of Apple, the iPod, the iPad, Mac etc have captured the markets globally and millions of copies of these devices have already gone off the shelves in the last few years. In fact, Apple is considered as the uncrowned monarch of such items. Had we ever imagined that there could be some company who could be of stiff competition to Apple? Most of us would answer to this question in negative. But things are changing really fast. Google – the monarch of search engine had been striving hard for the last 2 years to bring out a product that could be a perfect match for the iPad and similar devices but at affordable rates. It is not unknown that products of Apple are quite expensive and not for all.

Google to Enter Competition with Apple and Amazon with Its Tablet Phones
The product that has been designed and developed by Google has not yet been launched in the market. Even a proper name for the same has not been decided. This amazing product is due to be released later this year and has a target of washing off iPad from the market completely. No employees of Google are saying anything clearly regarding the product as it is still not announced and launched officially. It is quite obvious that the product with which Google is coming up will have Android as the operating system. Many Smartphones are based on Android and are doing quite well in the market. The target audience for this product that is manufactured by Google is the same people who use the iPad or Kindle Fire by Amazon.
The competition of Google does not merely end with Amazon or Apple; the company has competition with all the companies and brands that manufacture tablets and Smartphones based on the Android technology. It is said that the tablet that Google is coming up with will have an enormous 7-inch screen with the best of features. This is believed to be manufactured by Asustek Computer, a Taiwan based company. This is a well known company and manufactures various kinds of computer parts and devices.
Google has gone slow and steady with this product and has made no haste in developing a product fast and launching it to the market. Like the Kindle Fire, this device should be able to deliver magazines, books and other kinds of contents. So people who love to read can read with the help of this Google product on the move. It was told that the tablets that would be launched by Google would be sold via the online store. But when asked from a Google spokesperson regarding the same, no comments were received for the same.
Google had also launched its phone namely Nexus One but it was not very successful. This phone was launched in the market towards the beginning of 2010, but it failed to make the impact that it was expected to do. All these phones were sold online. However, for the new tablet that is going to be launched by Google in the near future, the company is sure that it will be a huge hit!