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Introduction: Make Money with YouTube

YouTube is a place on the Internet where you can spend whole day and night watching videos. It is really fun and you don’t know when actually time has passed. So YouTube for sure is a great entertaining website.

2 Quick Ways to Make Money with YouTube

However you can have not just fun but also you can make money with YouTube without spending a dime. This is absolutely true that YouTube can make you hell lot of money. As its power is immense and you have to only know how to do it.

Thus let’s try to find out simple steps that can help you to make money with YouTube without spending any money.

Sign Up For Blogger

First step would be to sign up for Blogger. As you all know it is free of cost and anyone can get started. While creating a blog you have to choose the topic of your blog.

Blogging Tips : Start a Blog for Free Today

While creating the URL I recommend you to choose a name on which your blog is going to be based. Suppose you have to start a blog regarding music then it should be PlanetMusic.blogspot.com, if it has to be on politics then it could be PoliticsGimmick.blogspot.com. Like this you can choose any name.

Later choose a template, upload your photo and complete your profile. Now let’s move on to the next step.

Write Blog Posts

Now you have to create some content on which your blog will be based. In previous step while choosing the name of your blog you must have already decided the topic on which your blog will be based.

So if it is about music because your hobby or pastime is music then write some articles regarding it. If it is politics or sports then write about that. Your blog post must be of 500 to 600 words with images.

Therefore try to fill your blog with some content in it. To make it easy you can get content for any topic on websites like ezine articles.

Google AdSense Integration

Now to make money you have to integrate Google AdSense program into your blog. With blogger AdSense integration is very easy because it is a plug-in.

However you have to sign up for opening a new AdSense account if you do not have in the past. Google will take some time before it approves your blog for AdSense program. It may take one to two weeks. But if you are daily writing good blog posts then Google may approve in just 2 to 3 days.

As a caution never take approval process casually. Now a days Google is not approving any blog or website for AdSense so easily. Thus keep creating some good content until Google approves, once approved you can slow down writing new posts.

Uploading Videos on YouTube

First way to make money with YouTube is uploading videos.Once Google approves your blog for AdSense program, it will allow you to place ads on your blog and if someone clicks on those ads then you get paid. For each click you get about 10 cents to one dollar. Therefore you have to get maximum clicks, in thousands on daily basis.

Hence in order to get more clicks you are going to use YouTube. If you have a camcorder then you can record and upload some videos on daily basis. In the end of a video you can tell your visitors to go to your blog. Videos that you upload must relate to your blog’s topic. So more visitors to YouTube means more visitors to your blog which means more clicks and more money.

If you don’t have a camera then also you can create videos using Camtasia Software. You can add PowerPoint slides and create videos of length 4 to 5 minutes. It is very easy.

Commenting on YouTube Videos

Well! I know what is going on inside your mind? You might be thinking I cannot record videos because I do not have camera or I do not like recording. No problem, there is a way out.

Here comes the second way to make money with YouTube. You can still bring a lot of people to your blog by commenting on YouTube videos.

You can comment on videos which are very popular and trending right now.  YouTube videos on which you will be commenting must relate to the topic of your niche.

Just right 4 to 5 long comments below the most popular videos. Your comments must stand out from the rest. People must enjoy reading it. You can also tell them to visit your profile in the comment. If they like your comment then they may also visit your profile and from there they will be taken to your blog.

Commenting Tips : Tips for commenting in Blogs

So comment as much as you can. However do not spam and write good comments.

Conclusion : Make Money with YouTube

In conclusion I would say there can be two ways to make money with YouTube. One is through uploading videos and other is commenting on popular videos. But before you make money you have to follow some steps. Here are they.

Step1: Sign Up for Blogger

Step2: Write Blog Posts

Step3: Google Adsense Integration

Step4: Uploading Videos on YouTube

Step5: Commenting on YouTube Videos