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Today I am very happy announce the official release of MoreTricks forum.For a  long time I was looking to install a forum for all moretricks readers to create a discussion corner.However due to some reasons it took a long time to take into practice.

I was working on the MT forum for the last one week and now it is fully optimized forum.While I talking from the webmaster side  , I will say it is fully SEO optimized forum.How it’s SEO friendly ? , Most of the peoples will ask this question since it is running on the phpBB forum and thousands of peoples using the same software to run the forums.Unlike most of those forums , MT forums URLs are SEO optimized.If you install and check the URL and title of the separate posts , it will come like yourdomain.com/viewforum.php?f=some number . This is not good for SEO.

So I modified the whole URL of the topics on MT forum to SEO friedly form with the help of php bb seo service and it took around 2 days to complete the work.Now the forum URL will be like forums.moretricks.com/category/the post title.It is the best SEO optimized title format.

What is a Forum ?

This section will give you a small introduction about forums which will help the newbies to understand in small extend about a general forum.

A forum is a online discussion site where the users can make conversations in it.The peoples can start new topics called thread and some others can replay to those threads.There will have number of sub forums inside a forum and each will discuss about different topics.There will have some moderators and admins for the forums to control the user discussions and illegal use of forums.

Forum Posting and SEO

We have discussed many times how the forum posting will affect SEO.Forums are the best ways to generate backlinks.All you know that link building is the most convenient way of Search engine optimizations.

How I will get backlinks from forum posting ? .Most of the forums provide the facility to setup signature links to the profile which will be attached with the each post that the user make with the forum.Some forums has restriction like the user should complete minimum number of posts to place signature links.In the case if MT forum there is no such restriction and anyone who joins with the forum can generate the signature links at the instant.

How can I join with MT Forum ?

Joining and posting with MT forum is very simple . Just follow the below procedure to start with MT forum.

  • visit http://www.forums.moretricks.com and go with the register option which is available in the navigation bar.
  • Once you got registered you can login to the forum account using the username and password that you used during the signup.
  • That’s it .Now you are free to post under any category that are listed there.To make post , you can select an appropriate category and you will see a “New Topic” Button on the right corner of the forum as mentioned the below image.By clicking on it you can start new threads.

MT forum start building links

You are not to be an expert to post in forums , it’s very simple like typing in notepad .You just want to register and follow the steps to quick start.Also there are number of categories in MT forum including general discussions and SEO discussion.

I hope you all will participate in MT forum and will make it as a big success !!

13 thoughts on “MoreTricks Forum is Ready : Start Building Backlinks”
    1. You are always welcome…And I am going to conduct many more offers for forum posters.

  1. Bro,how can i get a forum lile this? I want to creatd php pages for my site?but php codes are not functioning on my system due to lack of some software.can u ply hlp me?also plz look at my blog,i had added a free forum.is it good or not?

    1. I am not sure how you can add php files to blogger blog.It is not possible since you are using blogger blog.Get a hosting account and try…

    1. Since I failed to manage this forum , I just removed it from the directory and redirected it to home page..Sorry for the inconvenience

      1. So, You have plans to reinstall it, as I checked moretricks.com is getting good traffic and the forum would add flavour.

        1. Not right now.Forum was also getting Good traffic,But the reason I pause it is I failed to control the spammers there.Eating my time lot 🙁

          1. To control the spamming, you can allow the people to add the signature after 15 -20 unique posts. You can also add few moderators [senior members] to curb the spamming. It would save your time as well.

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