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Organic SEO Vs PPC; Which One Is Better?

Before we come to any conclusion about the right or wrong for these two processes of online marketing, let’s see what exactly they are for. Many of us are well aware of these two techniques but some may still don’t understand properly what organic SEO or PPC are all about. Before we start our discussion it is necessary to understand both of them well.

organic seo vs ppc

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What is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO or Organic Search Engine Optimization is the natural process of optimizing the rank of a website in the search result of any search engine. It is an online marketing strategy which is essential for any website who likes to grab the online market. The correct method of SEO demands a long term commitment. However, SEO is not a single process; rather it is the amalgamation of different processes in order to achieve a secure place in the search engine ranking.

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Keywords play a vital role in this process of SEO and an expert of this field can help you the best with his or her expertise regarding the proper use of keywords. Since organic SEO is a long term process, so leaving the method incomplete in between anywhere of the entire process can harm the ranking of the site.

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What is PPC?

PPC or Pay Per Click is a technique to advertise your business web page by paying for it. It is a fact that this type of advertisement strategy brings a kind of revolution in the field of online advertising. If it is correctly done then this method can help you to go few steps ahead of your competitors in the market. However, the process is little more complicated and expensive as well. It pays much attention on keyword usage.

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Which One Is Best?

Now, there are lots of debates about these two techniques regarding which one is best for the online business owners. Both of the procedures have some pros and cons. While selecting any one of them you need to keep in mind all of these and do your selection according to that.

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The Advantages of PPC

  1. PPC allows you to calculate your exact budget over the advertisement.
  2. PPC is faster than the organic SEO.
  3. You don’t need to understand the complex algorithm of any search engine in order to use this technique.
  4. You need to concentrate on a single process.
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The Advantages of Organic SEO

  1. It is cost effective and hence small to average business owners can avail it as well.
  2. It is a complete method and helps to uplift all of your pages in the ranking position of the search engine.
  3. The result is long lasting as well.
  4. Since you are involving different methods here, so the chances of getting positive results is higher in that case.
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Hence, it could be seen that both of these methods have some advantages and disadvantages. You need to keep all of them in mind while choosing the right process for the growth of your site. You can select any one of them according to your budget and time limit. Both of them can be very effective for online business if they are properly executed with the help of experts.