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How to Create a Email Subscription Box for Blog

Email subscription box or email subscription option or email subscription form in your blog will help readers of your blog to subscribe the blog updates via email.By doing so , not only the readers get updated with your posts but also there are lot of benefits for bloggers such as the the reader will comeback your blog if the content is worthy.

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I am also added an attractive email subscription box on the right side bar of my blog.Hope you will subscribe to my blog updates via email.You can also add such an amazing email subscription box to your blog.This post will show you how you can add email subscription box to your blog.

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I am going to explain the best and easiest way to create email subscription box called Feedburner which is under control of Google.This includes two steps Burning your feed and activating the email subscription.

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Burning Feed with Feedburner to Create Email Subscription Box

This step will help you to burn your blog feeds with feedburner.You can follow the below steps to burn your feeds with feedburner.If you are already burned feed with feedburner you can skip this step.

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  • create a email subscription box for blogNow you blog feeds will be fetched by Feedburner and you can select the feed and click next.
  • Now you can give a Feed title and the tile of the feedburner URL and proceed to next step
  • This will be the completion of the feed burning process and now you can activate the email subscription by following the below steps
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Activate Email Subscription and Add Email Subscription Box

The below steps will help you to activate the email subscription option for your blog.

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  • Once you are in the Feedburner home page.Click on the Feed for which you are going to activate email subscription.
  • Click on the publicize menu and it will list number of options in the side bar.
  • Select the Email Subscriptions menu from the side bar.
  • Now you will see a button with activate label click it to activate the email subscription
  • In the loaded page you will get script to add email subscription box to your blog.Just copy and paste that code to your blog where you want to add the email subscription box.
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Hope you like this article and you successfully added a email subscription box to your blog.

6 thoughts on “How to Create a Email Subscription Box for Blogger and WordPress Blog”
  1. can you tell me how to add email subscription box. on WordPress.
    i am trying mant times but every time failed.

    1. Once you got the code by following the above steps you can paste it in your theme widget

  2. i see lots of websites having different different style of form( like pop up , flash form when we open site) for email subscription , how i can create that ? please help me for wordpress and for bloggre also.

  3. You can edit those codes as per your wish , you can add images or anything inside those codes using HTML

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