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If you are just working on your PC then you can use a number of methods like softwares (RealPlayer downloaded or Orbit) to download the video or sites like keepvid.com or savevid.com to download the YouTube videos. But the problem comes when you just watched an awesome video on your Android device and you want to download that video then and there. Google has not released any official app to help you in this task. So you need to use some tricks and apps to make it possible for you to download YouTube videos to your Android phone.

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Tricks to download YouTube video on your Android phone

Here we will describe some different methods to download YouTube video on your Android device in 2-3 steps just like you do in your PC. Also, you can download all supported video formats like MP4, flv, avi etc as well as as screen resolutions of 640×360, 320×240, 854×480 pixels.

Use Tubemate app for downloading YouTube videos directly

This is the shortest and best way to download YouTube videos on Android devices. Just download and install this app from the Android market by searching for “TubeMate Youtube downloader”.
The name of this app explains its function clearly. It supports all resolutions like 640×480, 1280×720(HD), 1920×1080(Full-HD) and also the various video formats like mkv, flv and mp4. You can choose the one preferable for you device.
If you are facing any problem in using this app then you can visit this tutorial posted on Droid Lessons for detailed explanation of this app

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Use Wontube app to download YouTube videos

This app is similar to TubeMate in working. It has resume feature too in case of connectivity issues or low connection speed.
Download it from the official site

Download YouTube videos using the Official YouTube app

Don’t think that I am confused because above I had mentioned that there is no official app to download YouTube videos and now I am talking about an official YouTube videos downloading app. Actually, this is the modified YouTube app. The modifications have been done relle3k’s, a member of XDA forums. This app looks and works similar to the YouTube app except for the added option to download a YouTube video. This app does not even require a root access on your Android phone.
See the tutorial for downloading and installing this app at the link given below:

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Use YouTube Downloader app to download YouTube videos

This is the next app for download YouTube videos to your Android phone. Download and install this app for the Android Market. When you will browse and stream any YouTube video it will automatically create a hard copy of it in your Android phone memory. Just make sure that you have checked the “Install apps for Unknown sources” in the setting options of your Android phone.

Use YouTube Ripper to download videos from YouTube

The next app that you can use to download the YouTube videos on your Android phone is YouTube Ripper. Download and install the app for the Android Market. This downloader has some more features than the apps mentioned above. Using YouTube Ripper, you can convert the videos to MP4 format directly during the download. The file will be saved on your SD card. Just launch the app and browse you favorite video. Press the thumbnail of the video and you will get a menu. Select the ‘share’ option and choose ‘YouTube Ripper’ to download the file.

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Using Deturl.com to download videos from YouTube

How to Download YouTube Videos on Android Smartphone or TabletsIf you do not want to use any app for downloading the YouTube video then you can use this website to directly download the video. When you are watching a video on YouTube, just go to the address box and type pwn in front of YouTube like shown in the image. This will redirect you to the deturl.com site and the download will begin on your Android handset. This method works for PCs too.

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Use KeepVid to download a YouTube video

This is another site to download YouTube videos. Copy the URL of the YouTube videos, go to keepvid.com and paste the URL on the video in the box given there. Click on the Download button and the download will start.

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Video tutorial for downloading YouTube videos


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