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There isn’t a better compliment for your Kindle or smart phone than a hands free wireless headset to increase your mobility.  Wireless headsets work great for talking to your friends, listing to music and even watching movies on your smart device.  Top manufactures specializing in hands free mobility are Plantronics and GN Netcom.  With technology changing daily new wireless headsets are available with increased functionality and advanced features to truly compliment your mobile smart device.

Most mobile devices include Bluetooth Technology which allows pairing virtually any wireless headset to your device.  Plantronics unveiled a new line of Savi headsets that feature multi-pairing technology for all of your devices.  Designed for the professional user the new Plantronics Savi wireless office headsets not only connect to your Bluetooth enabled device but also your desk phone and PC computer.  This all in one telephone headset provides a convenient way for using a single headset for all of your communication devices.  Built for high volume callers the Plantronics Savi headsets automatically switch between devices to remotely answer incoming calls.  Multiple wearing styles are available to ensure the perfect fit including a durable Binaural over the head design that covers both ears with soft leather ear cushions.  Most iPhone and iPad users prefer the Plantronics W720 that covers both ears which works best for listening to music and watching movies.

Compliment Your Kindle or Smart Phone with a Wireless Headset
Jabra Pro 9470 Wireless Headset

The new Jabra Pro 9470 wireless Bluetooth headset by GN Netcom uses the same DECT 6.0 technology for connecting to your telephone, computer and Bluetooth smart devices.  GN Netcom added a more luxurious appeal to their wireless headsets including a crystal clear LCD touch screen display for navigating between devices.  The Jabra Pro 9470 is an excellent compliment for your smart phone device.  Users are quickly turned on by the convertible design which includes over the ear, over the head and behind the neck wearing styles.  Consumers can increase their mobility in their home or office up to 450 feet with the 9470 by GN Netcom.  Multi-connectivity technology is breakthrough to the industry and brand new as it was only revealed a few months ago.  Already exceeding expectation the new technology is truly changing how the industry communicates.  One of the biggest issues for users was having to switch between telephone headsets per device but this new breakthrough technology allows the busy user to save time by using a single cordless headset throughout their work day.