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Best Android Photo Editing Apps

The good thing about android is that they seem to have an app for every problem you may run into. So, for professional photographer, it has a cool collection of photo editing apps that can spin your head around. Some of them are free but some may require you loosen your purse string. But the problem is that there are plenty of them and that means choosing the One may sound a bit difficult. So to make your task easy, here I am going so share a cool collection of photo editing apps that you will certainly like to have your hands on.

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Best Android Photo Editing Apps Available in Google Play

BeFunky Photo Editor: This photo editing app is super awesome with more than 20 different varieties of effects under its kitty. However, this is certainly not the end of the story since the paid version comes with a jaw dropping 50 effects. Good news is that you can have a preview of what the effects are supposed to do with the images in real time and this will certainly help you take the right decision. The unique thing about the effects of BeFunky is that they can make the images look ridiculously funny. Basic features are also available, like – changing colors, background, rotate and crop.

Best Android Photo Editing Apps Available in Google Play

FX Photo Editor: 50 something is not good enough for you right? Well in that case, FX Photo Editor should be gracing your dazzling iPhone. It comes with a mind blowing 110 effects and the greatness of this lie in the fact that you can apply multiple effects in a single image. So that means, there is enough room to play with creativity. Among the zillions of features available, I fall in love with the Time Matrix feature that transport your images into a specific time by changing the surrounding atmosphere.

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Pixlr-o-matic: This is a no nonsense photo editing application that does the job with meticulous efficiency. Randomizer is probably the coolest feature available on this app that let you apply random effect s to your images and this can be done with a single click. Lightening is another interesting effect with which you will be able to add some elements of drama, scratches and burns onto images.

Best Android Photo Editing Apps Available in Google Play

PicsArt – Photo Studio: This app is not about editing images or adding some interesting elements on them. Nope, this comes with additional support of a growing and thriving PicsIn network from where you can view and download images shared by others. Sketcher, Cartoonizer, Stenciler are there of course, but there are some other coolers features available like – The Draw will let you draw whatever you would like to draw using the touch screen. Collage function is cool enough to simplify the process of making collages with your favorite images. And of course, sharing and uploading of images are also possible with this app.

PicSay – Photo Editor: This is an award winning photo editing images that comes bundled with wide range of effects Pencil Sketch, Tilt-shift, Vignette. To make the images look funny, you can try different stickers. You can try different options like shapes, hairstyles, titles, word balloons etc. IF you like the outcome, you can set it as your desktop wallpaper.

Best Android Photo Editing Apps Available in Google Play

Lightbox Photos: Lightbox Photos is another awesome photo editing app that will let you edit images and get them shared onto Facebook and in other similar social media websites at one go.  With this app, you will be able to geo tag photos and set the privacy setting in Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, FourSquare, Twitter etc. You can use other camera app and then edit those images seamlessly with this app. And the best part of this app is that the saved images can be posted directly onto your personal blog on Lightbox.com. So, give it a go.