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Today I am going to show you how to help YouTube to increase your website traffic.YouTube is biggest video sharing site which is owned by Google.Since YouTube is owned by Google and most of the users are using Google as search to their contents,the YouTube videos can make a major role in your site traffic.So you should think about how can you use the YouTube videos for Search engine optimization purpose.

I wont say YouTube will become your first traffic source,but surely it can make a major role in your site traffic.Here I am sharing some tips to increase your site traffic by the use of YouTube videos.

Give a good description for your video.

Make sure that your YouTube video have a good title what it says about.And also you should provide the right keywords for the videos.Don’t hesitate to add maximum number of tags into your video.

Add links to video

You can share your videos and its links in high ranking sites like Facebook,twitter,your blog,etc.Once it is captured by the search engine your videos will be listed in the first page of search result.

Giving comments

It is a good idea to search and comment on the related videos.You can put your youtube video url there to get some hits.


Encourage the  users to comment on the video ,It will help to increase the search engine visibility.Once your visit  is high your video will be rated in youtube.High rating is similar to page rank.So your video will stand first in google search result.

There are many peoples who provides some fixed amount of views for certain amount.But I don’t encourage you with this programs .If you have lot of money to spend you can go with this services.Also there are some sites those provides you tube views  check www.sociohit.co.cc

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