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In the last few decades, technology has developed in a rapid pace. Especially, the last decade was dedicated to mobile phones as during this period there was huge spurt in mobile technology. And to support them in different aspects numerous mobile applications have been developed in recent years. In addition, modern age mobile phones are capable to perform numerous tasks apart from calling. Now you can do video chat, e-mails, net browsing and all simply from a phone. However, the list of features is big in smartphones like androids and blackberry phones.

Moreover, ever decreasing prices of mobile hand-sets has tempted almost everybody to buy at least a one for them. Even young children and teenagers are not an exception from having a mobile phone. In addition, it is a common practice in numerous organizations to provide their employees with a mobile phone for official usage. However, the mobile privileges can be misused by children or employees many times. This leads to an undeniable urge for a watch dog functioning that can inform the parents and employers in case of misusing, that too without their physical presence.

Spying on Someone's Mobile Phone Without Physical Access

To make things easier, there has been some cell phone spy software made available in the market, which can help the needs of vulnerable parents and wretched employers. However, in order to make this software work you need to run the installer file on the target phone. After successful installation of spy software you can trace back the target phone at anytime anywhere.

Following are steps to install the software:

  • Locate the phone that you wish to spy.
  • Open the browser of target phone.
  • Paste the URL in the browser provided by the spy software vendor.
  • Download, install and configure the software.

So you require physical access just for installing the software on target phone. Once installed, no physical access of target phone is required. It would take hardly five minutes to get fully installed. Generally, the software comes with manual guide with clear cut instructions for installation. Follow these instructions step by step. However, if you face any difficulty during or after the installation you can write a mail to software vendor and ask for help.

The working of the software is quite simple. As soon as you will install the software on suspect phone the software vendor will assign you a login and password.  Thereafter, all the performed activities of suspect phone will automatically upload to your assigned spy account. You can access the account just by typing a pre-set password.

Moreover, if the data from target phone get deleted or moved to other device, the data in spy count will remain untouched. The spy activities covered through spy software includes call log, inbox, out box, sent messages, draft messages, downloaded and uploaded data and many more. Even external data cards can be traced completely. The spy software is so advance that you can remove it remotely from the mobile.

Generally, the mobile spy software comes with annual subscription which can be bought in few bucks. Though, free download option is also available, but such software cannot be taken for quality. However, almost every spy software vendor will offer you a free trial of 30 days. At last, choice is yours!


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