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News has it that BlackBerry is no longer going to be available for regular old users. With the new CEO Heins in place the firm will be switching over strategies to focus more on its corporate users and give up on the consumer market altogether. This news comes with an 80 percent drop in share value for the firm and another patent law suit on the horizon.

BlackBerry phones appeal to those who mean business. It’s not for the average bear so to speak, which is why several are now switching to other platforms. Users want something more from their phone, and phones are offering a lot more than they did before. Both Android and iPhone sets have swept the market because they offer a lot more than just “business”. Touch screens are taking over the world while BlackBerry stuck to its conventional shape and keypad. Even the cheapest phone options come with touch screens, and that says something about what consumers really want.

BlackBerry on thin ice

But people who are loyal to the BlackBerry experience still vouch for its reliability and the superior experience one gets for work purposes. The machines are fast and sophisticated and for any professional they’re a one stop shop for everything they need to get their work done at super speed with the highest level of efficiency. That being said, they can’t entertain like the modern smart phone can. Not many BlackBerry owners can tell you what their Angry Birds score is. Games, music, and all kinds of other fun apps are being developed readily for Android and iPhone sets but not for BlackBerry.

Exiting the consumer market maybe a smart move for BlackBerry because there’s no way it can compete with other smartphones. HTC, Samsung and other brands are offering an experience that goes beyond what cell phones were able to do only a handful of years ago. It’s now more about adding to the never ending list of functionality that users can indulge in through their phones. BlackBerry in a way restricted its users to stick to what the phone was meant to do while developers are pushing the boundaries for Android and iPhone with apps that can do anything from helping people cook to checking their car’s engine.

Heins took over the firm while it was crumbling in chaos. There’s talk that BlackBerry might be sold off together, while some are speculating a merger or alliance with another cell phone vendor to help boast sales. BlackBerry phones make up only 5 per cent of the total smartphones that people own in the market. Whatever measures it takes have to be taken quick before more damage is done.

The market for smartphones is part of a larger digital spectrum which continues to change every day. At one point an Apple phone was just a joke and now it’s one of the most popular phones. There was another point where the iPhone was indestructible but it’s taking a good beating at the hands of Android phones. There’s no telling what’s in BlackBerry’s future but the story is far from over. It’s worth the wait to see how it tackles its recent challenges.

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