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It’s not a secret that in the 21st century innumerable social networking websites have been created to make the humane relationship more firm and closer. Some of them remained a spotlight and never retreated. Everybody thought that it would be impossible and useless to create other social networking websites, while the social networking giants like Facebook and Twitter were possessing over the internet. But Google Plus came to prove the opposite. In a short period it penetrated into our lives and, undoubtedly it contains the same functions and even more functions and gives more possibilities that Facebook or the others do.

Google Plus Tools to Simplify Your Social Media Activities

Recently Google + undergone several changes and facilitated the use of functions with which we can easily control our profile. Here are several tool of Google Plus that simplify our social media activities.

Extended Share for Google Plus

This is a unique tool, which enables sharing any kind of information on almost all the social networking websites from Facebook up to Twitter. Surely you will never be able to do the same in other networking sites, but you have the chance to share the information with the help of Google Plus everywhere.

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Social statistics

This is a tool for gathering data of top pages and posts. It keeps you know what the current topic on Google Plus is. This tool will enable you to share that exact information with friends in your circles. So try to extend the amount of people in the circles or you may get disappointed.


The best way to get all the information from any Google Plus profile is Allmyplus.  All the facts, photos, figures, data ranging from few days to few months at your disposal will be given to you. You can even turn that information into graphical one. That is the quickest and the easiest way to calculate what you have done for Google Plus one and what it did for you.

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Circle count

If you are aimed at finding the most popular brand pages in Google Plus in order to have the needed information about their prices, rate, users’ engagement, Circle count is the best one to offer you everything you look for.  This tool will help you to gather all the data on gender distribution, job distribution, country distribution, top pages, and anything you want.


It is a kind of statistics tool. It assigns ranks based on how much influence a user has on Google Plus. Checking their scores will help you to easily find out the leaders. However the score greatly depends on a number of factors that include information-sharing, frequency of posts, number of followers. You can sort those people whom you admire based on the place they live, profession and many other criteria.

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Where else but in Google Plus could you find such incredible tools?

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