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Most of the smart phones which are now-a-days available in the market are an android based.

Android is a popular LINUX based operating system mostly for the new generation mobile phones such as smart phones and tablets. It was developed by ‘Open Handset Alliance’ led by the “GOOGLE”.

Android became the world’s most popular smart phone platform by the end of the year 2010.

The biggest plus point of android phones is that an android platform is completely open source, which means that source code is also available to the public.

Football and soccer are the famous games around the globe.

If you talk about these games, nothing can make the game more exciting than the crowd cheering for their favorite teams and players. Die hard football fans may go to any extent to watch the football matches live and cheer for it. They may even buy tickets at much higher price, sometimes making stadium jam packed too.

People who live and breathe football, it isn’t easy for them to be away from their television sets for long especially when the match of their football team is going on. They cannot  afford to miss the excitement.

5 best android apps for Football Loving Fans

But now, there is some good news for football loving fan around the globe.

Thanks to an android platform, there are some applications available now-a-days for the football and soccer fans which make them connected and regularly updated. They can even play with their own teams virtually.

There are many football applications available for android from the Google Play Store.

If you are an android gamer who enjoys playing and managing teams, here is some good news for you.

Here are some best rated football applications for you.

Soccer Scores-Fotmob” –Keeps you updated with live score all the time

is one such application which keeps you updated with live scores of all major football leagues including  Premier league, Bundesliga etc. So if you somehow miss to watch your favorite team playing live, then there is no need to get disappointed anymore.  Fotmob keeps you updated about every game details such as goals, line ups, cards, penalties etc. It gives you a feel of watching match live. Besides on-field updates, it also provides you off -field updates such as information about various player leagues, any variations or changes in the particular team etc.

This application is free and available easily from Google Play store.

ESPN Goals”- Watch highlights with good streaming

With this application you can watch latest premier leagues goals, highlights directly on your phone. You get everything you wish for- good quality streaming, good user friendly interface with really fast updates. So now you can watch the highlights of the match anywhere in between some work too.

Football Freekick”- This application is one for those football lovers who can’t get of enough of this game. You can download it free from Google play store and start playing anytime at any place in your free time too. The game is much easy to play, allows to edit levels of game and share with others too who are playing too. All in all this game is a good time pass when you are waiting to board a flight or simply bored.

Fantasy Football buddy” – play your own fantasy football

this application is one which a gamer freak would love to play. Gamer can manage himself his own fantasy team, make substitutions, allows to choose captain and vice captain too.

It provides the gamer with information such as his team’s current points, individual player’s performance, over all standing etc. it is also available to download for free from Google play store.

Real Football 2012”- this is an ultimate soccer game which will fulfill your carvings for the game.

It has got some very good graphics which gives a feel of watching a match live on TV. You can choose from either of modes to play, i.e. from international cup mode, training mode and exhibitions. It gives you latest football updates and lets your friends comment too, allows you to design your own jersey and share it with others too. The coolest thing about this application is that you can set the outcome

The way you want it to be. It is possible through ‘Hyper game’ technology which recreates game highlights from the in game feeds.

So if are one of the football fan, various applications are available according to your taste and that too free –Thanks to Android Platform. Happy Gaming.


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This is a Guest Post by Rajkumar Jonnala working for www.fifa13.com, the blog mainly focuses on  the current events in football like… fifa 13 release date and fifa 13

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