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Twitter is one of the most popular social networks and it adds value to your blog by providing back links and followers for it. Further, this micro-blogging platform provides a forum where your blog readers could be engaged.

What To Do And What Not To Do While Using Twitter For Your Blog

You should make sure that your blog is linked with twitter. Further, if you have a website then ask the web development company who is developing (or has developed) it to include an icon and link for twitter on it too. Anyways, we are going to discuss today some do’s and don’ts for blog owners when they use twitter for their blog.

Some of the things to do with your twitter account are:

Interacting And Engaging With Followers: It is most important that you interact with your followers on a regular basis. If they followed you then it must have been for some reason. It is your responsibility to post engaging material over twitter account so that followers will remain loyal to you.

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Always Thank Your New Followers: You can add that special personal touch by thanking all new followers. Sending them a quick thank you message will convey the message that you do care about them.

It is Important To Have Fun: People don’t like to follow accounts that post boring tweets without any fun in them. As such networking platforms are for interacting with others, therefore make sure that your posts can engage them and force them to interact.

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Post Regular Tweets: It has been observed that inactivity is the major reason why people unfollow some accounts. You have to be active on your twitter account on a daily basis. You have to post entertaining and relevant tweets on your account regularly.

Some of the Don’t s for your twitter account are:

Multiple Hashtags Should Be Avoided: Hashtags are very effective in categorizing tweets and makes it easier for followers to find your tweets. However, as soon as you start using multiple hashtags it starts to reflect that you are not using it properly. Make sure that each tweet is focused on a single topic and uses only one hashtag.

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Don’t Over tweet: While it is necessary to be active on twitter, but filling your followers entire feed with your tweets is not the way to do so. Such action on your part will have the most natural reaction from your followers –they will unfollow you soon. Try to keep the number of your tweets within four to five tweets per day. If you have something too long to share then you can always post it on your blog and tweet the link.

Don’t Be Careless, Proofread: It is strongly advised to proofread your tweets before sending them out. Misspellings and wrong grammar are some of the things that really turn people off. Further, it degrades your reputation.

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Don’t Over Promote Yourself: The main aim of your twitter account is to promote your business and develop a positive image for it in user’s mind. However, as soon as you start over promoting yourself you start to look like a nagging person who just keeps on nagging. While the promotional material is important, it is also necessary to send out links to industry related news, tutorials and other informative material. Make yourself a source of valuable information in order to benefit most.


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