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When the roaming option is enabled the mobile carrier charges extra cost, but if you can turn it off, then you don’t need to take the headache of this extra cost. Generally what happens is that when we are going out of the normal coverage, then we activate the roaming option so that we can stay connected with our friends and families and for that call charges or for that matter even SMS charges differs. By default the settings are always turned off for roaming and you have actually turned it on to make use of it.

How-to-disable-roaming-on-WP7-(Windows-Phone)Out of the coverage area

In today’s world the professionals are busy travelling and therefore it is very important that they include roaming facility in their phone plan that they are using else they will be cut from the world once they are outside the service area of the current mobile operator. This is not a free of cost plan, but in reality you have to actually pay more when you are not in the service zone of your mobile operator. You are charged for incoming calls and messages as well as for the outgoings too. This means that if you are having a postpaid plan, then you can expect a hefty bill at the end of the month and if you are a prepaid user then ensure that you have enough balance to keep you connected all through your stay. Another important thing about roaming settings is that you will have to manually change the settings to roaming before leaving the coverage area else it won’t work even if you have the balance. If you are a postpaid user then do remember to call your service provider and let them know that you will be moving out of the service zone and for that you will be using the roaming option.

Change the settings

If you are trying to disable roaming on WP 7 (Windows Phone) then make sure you follow the steps properly that are mentioned below:

–          Go to the start screen from where you have to swipe your finger from right to left and that will provide you the access of the Application list

–          Once you are in the Application list you will have to select the Settings option

–          Now in the Settings option, scroll down to the Mobile option and select it

–          In the mobile option you have to scroll to data roaming option

–          As you are trying to disable the roaming option, therefore choose the Don’t roam option

This will ensure that your roaming option is disabled and you will not be charged anything extra for your regular calls and messages. It is better that you turn off your data connection that is keep the settings to Don’t Roam when you are in the coverage area of your service provider else there are chances that you might get charged for special services that you don’t want or you are not accessing. So to save yourself from all extra cost keep it disabled and only turn on when you really need it.