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Though it is really a hard task to find Windows 7 laptops at this moment with all new latest versions warming up the market, but if you really want the old version then you will be able to get it. The options will be less but you can always choose the best amongst the rest. If any maker has more than 50 models of windows 8 then you will find about 15 Windows 7 laptops available in the market from the same manufacturer. So from here you can guess the ratio of Windows 7 laptop available in the market.

Best-Windows-7-laptops-still-available-for-saleHere are the best Windows 7 laptops that are still available for sale:

Lenovo ThinkPad T440s – This one will help you work for almost 14 hours without reaching out for the charger. So when you are travelling and you have to work it will be really helpful. Then you will get 3 USB 3.0 ports and high class keyboards that will be a good option for making your presentations in a conference.

Alienware 17 – If you are looking at Windows 7 for gaming options, then you must try the Alienware 17 as it will provide you with all power and excellent graphics along with some good quality sounds. The processor that it is inside it is the Intel core i7 one along with Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M processor.

Dell Latitude E 4310 – In this Windows 7 laptop you will get an Intel Core i5-540M Dual-Core 2.4GHz processor. Then the memory is about 4GB with 250 GB hard drive. It also has the DVD-RW Optical drive with mobile Intel QS57 Express chipset. Apart from the specification you will also be impressed with the price that it comes with.

HP Pavilion 6530b – You will be getting Core 2 Duo CPU with 2 GB memory and the capacity of Hard Drive being 160 GB. The screen size will vary from 14-16 inches and you got 2GB of RAM already installed.

Toshiba Satellite C50-ABT3N12 – It comes with Intel Core i3-3110M Processor and 4GB of memory. 500 GB hard drive is an art of this laptop along with mobile Intel graphics. If you wish to customize it then also it is possible, but you have to mention what features you want to add up and you will be delivered what you want.

Dell Latitude E6430 – It is one of the best looking Windows 7 laptops available in the market. It is more of a business notebook that comes furnished with all the important features that will help you out. The keyboard is responsive and the battery is strong enough to serve you for more than 10 hours. You can expect this from the 9 cell battery pack, but the main attraction is the fast drive that makes your work much easier.

HP pavilion 15t – You will definitely love this laptop the moment you lay your hands on it. It not only looks sleek and stylish but also performs very well. The screen size of this laptop is around 15.6 inch with Intel Core i5 processor of the 4th generation. 8GB of RAM is available with 750GB of ROM and HDMI, Ethernet ports and optical drive.

HP ZBook 15 – It is on the higher side of the price, but the features quite make up to it as it is considered to the best in dealing with all the high end tasks. In order to fulfill all its tasks quite well it takes the help of Intel 2.7 GHz Core i7 Haswell processor. 16GB of RAM and faster data transfer is made possible through thunderbolt port and the graphics of Nvidia Quadro are simply breathtaking.

Lenovo ThinkPad X 240 – The 4th generation core series processor helps you with your work immensely and it will never let you down. You can also opt for the full touch screen option and the robust design if you like. This model sure has some battery power which has been performing for 20 hours non-stop.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 carbon Gen 1 – People who are always on a move can easily use this thin and sleek designed laptop. It is light in weight too, and the keyboard is comfortable to work on and the battery lasts really long.