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There are several reasons why one wants to factory reset their device. It may happen that you have got yourself a new device and that is the reason you want to sell off your old one and it is often considered to be a good practice to factory reset before selling. Then some people factory resets their device when they witness some problem in their handset which is not allowing them to use the phone apps and features like before, so what they do is take proper backup and go for the factory reset. What happens when you are actually trying to hard reset your device is that it goes back the same format as before. It will not have anything stored, as will be in the same condition when you bought it.


Hard resets a last option for solving issues

Most of us love to install more and more apps, games, features and store in files, but due to hard reset you will lose out all these things. You will have to do it all over again, therefore hard reset is not like power on and off so the experts advise that make the hard reset the last option in order to fix things up. Therefore, if you are looking for speeding up performance of your device then you can try a different option before jumping on to hard reset. There might be different issues with your device like your system freezing due to unknown reasons, but before resetting the device you must try other options first like you can check the usage and see whether you need to free up some space or not! But before you do anything make sure you have taken proper backup of your apps, messages, contacts, images, videos and whatever you think is important for you because you are going to lose everything you have on your device.

Steps to be followed to reset the Windows phone

If you are sure about resetting and have taken proper backup of all important things, then you follow the below mentioned steps:

–          First, you need to go to  the Settings

–          In the Settings Menu you will get ‘about’ option that you will have to select

–          Now when you are in the ‘about’ menu you will find the option ‘reset your phone’ in a box, you need to select it

–          So once you click on it you will come across two warnings that will give you the option of backing out from the reset

–          The first message will inform you that you are about to lose everything and will go back to the condition when you first purchased it. It will give you the option of yes to continue with the process and No to back off from the process

–          If you click on yes at this stage, then another warning message will pop up which will again ask you whether you are ready to wipe put all information of your device

–          Click on yes to continue

Just wait for a few minutes and the phone will reboot once the process is completed.