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The other day you saw this amazing app and thought of downloading it, but the system comes up with this annoying message saying that you do not have enough space. It is frustrating because you feel that you have loads of space available, whereas the device is showing you that you need to free some space in order to install anything new. The obvious thing to do at that moment is to look up at what ate up all your space, but there is only one hitch and that is you don’t know where to go to find out what is using more space on the iPhone.

How-To-Check-What's-using-Much-Space-On-Your-iPhoneStorage size doesn’t matter

You might be thinking that you will never get this message because you have 32 GB internal memory storage! It might be the case with users who have 16 GB storage, but you are wrong because ether are some apps that eats up loads of space so even if you have storage space as much as 32 GB you can also get the same error message. The users while downloading apps or games or while recording videos hardly look at the size of the file that they are dealing with and this is what leads to filling up the space of their iPhone. But luckily users of iOS 7 has a way out as they are able to see what is taking up the space so that they can delete all unwanted stuff and install new things quite easily.

Step by step procedure to see what’s using more space on the iPhone

If you are not sure about how to find out what has filled in your space, then just follow the steps and you will reach your destination where your queries will be answered:

–          Take out your iPhone and go to the Settings App menu from the device’s home screen

–          There you ill find the option General, select that option

–          Once you are in the General section you have to go down to the Usage option an select it

–          Now the first option under Usage is Storage and here you will get to know what is using more space in your iPhone

–          It will come up with a long list of items and the space occupied by them but if you want to see more details then select the items from the list and it will come up with every details

The list that it will show will be in descending order so it will show you the item which has consumed the most space and at the end of the list you will find the item that has consumed the least amount of space. It is not only about apps taking up places sometimes we tend to keep all kinds of unwanted messages and pictures stored in our device that at the end of the day takes up loads of space. Therefore, when we are trying to install something which is really helpful then we run out of space, but not anymore because now check eh storage space once in a while and delete all unwanted items to free the space for new and interesting things.