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Apple iPad 3 Launched – Buy the new iPad 3 Online now – Order your iPad 3 Online

Apple the new iPad 3 launched today.Are you waiting to hear this news?.If yes , this may be a frustrating news and will be an end for the rumours.Apple decided to launch the new iPad on March 16th in Caneda and US.Not only the launching date revealed from today itself Apple started pre booking for this new Apple iPad 3 online.You can book your Apple iPAd 3 online today with a price of $499.Amazed with the price?Is it the same of iPad 2 ? .It was the price of iPad 2 , but not now.Apple also announced the reduction in the rate of iPAd 2 costs.The iPad 2 rate now starts from $399.A pricing of $100 has reduced in the price of iPad 2 in all models.

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Let us come to the case of iPad 3.Since it is new and not yet launched it to public we have to discuss a lot or I want to share something about the new iPad 3 that I have collected from the Apple’s official website.

the new ipad 3 launched

Whether it’s iPad 3 or “The new iPad” , I am confused with the Apples new release.They are not yet put a specific name for the new release of their product.They are introducing this new iPad as “the new iPad” and they are not mentioning as iPad 3.

What are the Specification of the new iPad 3 ?

All the fundamental elements of the new Apple iPad 3 has been improved such as Display , Camera and wireless connection.The new iPad 3 is come up with the retina display as like everyone expected with 5MP iSight camera.Apple’s new iPad 3 will feature the 4G LTE technology.

As I said already the new iPad 3 powers the retina display , which is four times more pixels than iPad 2.The retina display on the new iPad 3 feature 2048 X 1536 resolution,44 percent higher color saturation in the same size 9.7 inch space.

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When it comes to the performance of the new iPad 3 , It has A5X chip with quad-core graphic drivers which powers four times the pixel of iPad 2.

Even the new iPad 3 come up with the increased screen pixels and all , the battery is still powerfull which gives a battery life of 10 hours.

The new iPad 3 come up with iSight camera of 5 MP which will help you to shoot clarity photos and 1080p HD videos.

As I already mentioned the new iPad 3 come up with 4G LTE , it let’s you connect data networks around the world upto 4G LTE.

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The other features of the new iPad 3 are iOS , iCloud , Dictation , iPad smart cover and Airplay functionality.

The new iPad 3 Price Details and Book or order the new iPad 3 Online

This section will help you to understand the pricing of the new iPad 3 and how to book or order it online.

The new iPad 3 16 Gb price – $499

The new iPad 3 32 Gb price – $599

The new iPad 3 64 Gb price – $699

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Pre ordering of the new iPad 3 has started in the official website of Apple.You can follow the link http://www.apple.com/ipad/ and can pre book your new iPad 3 online from now itself.

What you think about the new ipad 3 ?