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Apple’s cloud storage and computing service, iCloud was launched last year. Through this service, Apple is providing users with remote servers on which they can store data and content. Within half a year of its launch, the service has already attracted a staggering 100 million users. A number of services available through the iCloud are Track My iPhone, iTunes Match and Back to My Mac. Apple has become the foremost brand in the information technology industry and the iCloud has served to enhance its reputation.It is being said the iCloud will revolutionize the pressure on internet service providers (ISPs).

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The Role of Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

The iCloud offers services that are similar to those provided by internet service providers (ISPs). The main purpose of ISPs is to offer internet connectivity to businesses and individuals. Some ISPs also offer web hosting services where data can be stored. Over the years, the usage of internet across the globe has grown substantially. The ISPs are constantly under pressure to deliver faster internet speeds.

The volume of use has increased in conjunction with the purposes for which the internet is used. Over a billion people use the internet to communicate with their friends and families on a regular basis. They use a home-based connection or plug in to get internet access. Moreover, the internet has become the hub of all entertainment. The television is declining in importance as people head online to search for the best content.

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The importance of internet for businesses has also increased. Entire businesses are being operated through the internet. Geographical boundaries have been shattered through the accessibility available online. Several new employment opportunities have been created through the internet. The gaming industry has boomed and there is no stopping it. The bottom-line is that the internet has become a necessity for a majority of the populace, and people want high-speed internet with access to unlimited online data.

The Emergence of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing was a development made in light of the growing demand from internet users. Through cloud computing, businesses and individuals can upload their content and share it across the world. Applications and programs can also be developed by businesses for their clients and partners. Cloud computing eliminated much of the time taken to gain access to online data. The data shared on the servers was easily accessible and could be downloaded instantly. All you need is an internet dongle or other connection and gain access to the cloud.
What the iCloud Offers

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On the surface, the iCloud appears to be a simple cloud computing service. This is what Apple describes it as. Digging through the layers will reveal a totally different picture. Apple has seen resurgence in sales over the past few years like few other brands have. Their fan base has grown manifold and they are doing their bit to keep the fans interested. This is why when the fans demanded a cloud hosting service, they willingly obliged and delivered iCloud.

with iCloud , Apple plans to revolutionalize the pressure on ISPs

Keeping pace with the latest developments in the industry, Apple has designed a modern cloud hosting service. Not only will it serve the needs of individuals and businesses, but ensure that they have access to the data they are looking for regardless of the time and location. This provides you an option of downloading content on the go.

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The iCloud allows users to upload their data to the remote servers from where it can be accessed from anywhere on the planet. But that is not all. You can use a number of devices to access the iCloud. It is not limited to Apple products, like the iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and Macs. You can use a computer with a Windows operating system to get connected to iCloud. There is no need for synchronization or manual management of the data you upload or download from the iCloud.

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Overall, the iCloud is a significant development in cloud computing. It provides users the chance to access online data from wherever they are. In addition, the ISPs are under greater pressure to deliver results. Individuals and businesses now have a viable alternative in the form of Apple’s iCloud. The lack of reliable options prior to the iCloud meant that they had to rely solely on ISPs to provide the services. They can use the iCloud for their data storage needs. Hence, it can be said that Apple plans to revolutionize the pressure on ISPswith the iCloud.