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OnLine Desktop

OnLine Desktop
OnLine Desktop

OnLine Desktop: The application that’s going to change the view on Apple’s products. Are you one of those people, who got caught in the war between Microsoft and Apple. Well, finally, the app we are talking about, allows you to access Microsoft’s products on an iPad, without much fuzz.

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OnLine Desktop: Pricing

The amazing news about this app is, it’s FREE. This isn’t everything. You need not purchase Microsoft license to use or other virtualization softwares. Everything is loaded up in their remote servers, and the one thing to do is a simple SIGNUP. Since, this app depends on an active Internet connection, that could be the only drawback, when you are out-of-reach of the wild wild web. Comparing with many of the live virtualization softwares, the performance offered by this application, is simply unbelieveable. Certainly, this app beats the remote desktop applications along side with those of the virtualization softwares. Possible disadvantage is that, the installations that you make, will not be available, the next time when you login.OnLive does this to ensure speedy connections and easy jump-in, jump-out functionality for all users.

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OnLine Desktop: Microsoft Office Compatibility

With Bluetooth keyboard support and the ability to connect over 3G (OnLive disconnects you after 10 minutes when connected this way, but that’s plenty of time to accomplish minor edits on the fly), I see little reason to go elsewhere for Office-compatible document editing. Plus, if this app eventually gets an upgrade to the tablet-optimized Windows 8, it should be even more touch-friendly. Rumours, are also that Microsoft is developing a dedicated Office Apps for the iPad environment for the OnLine Desktop.

2 thoughts on “OnLine Desktop : Windows on iPad”
  1. I live in Taiwan – this doesn’t seem to be available here yet. A search in the App store turned up no results.

  2. Hi so the app says I need to login i don’t have an account how or where do I sign up I’m really confused

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