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Apple iPhone 4S – Good or Evil?

“Apple iPhone 4S, is the best phone ever”.

What do you say?

No, it isn’t.

Yes, it is.

We have seen it and heard it all. But how good is our beloved iPhone 4S?. I have written a post on “iPhone 4S : How Siri Works?“, to show I love SIRI, more than anybody does. Technology wise, its a great piece of machine loaded with all possible features into a single package. What is its dark side? It’s the same SIRI, that’s been charged with a double the data usage comparing with any of its close competitors.

Apple iPhone 4S
Apple iPhone 4S

Apple iPhone 4S: Concerns

Apart from just this voice-based search interface, other Apple services which have synchronization and location-based features, all together make the iPhones the largest downloaders of data. In a test across millions of devices, a small percent of iPhone 4S users, constitute nearly half the data usage in Europe.

A comparison between iPhone 4S and other popular smartphones, such as the BlackBerry Curve and Bold Touch range, showed that BlackBerry device owners downloaded two-tenths the amount in the month. Of course, RIM uses compressed data, and is largely in the hands of business users.

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Apple iPhone and Data Plans

Data plans are never economical. Also, due to limited bandwidth and network capacities, the quality of data connections and voice clarity is already beginning to suffer appreciably. We cannot blame it on iPhone, the future phones will all be the childrens with SIRI-like technology. The only way forward is to, have a very brilliant and intelligent network model, with very high bandwidth and less establishment costs.

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