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Twitter as a popular social network can become a bridge to your own popularity. Want to become popular? Hurry up! Start using Twitter. Though it’s not easy to get fame but if you want to you should certainly cope with some difficulties.
Use Twitter to become popular
Here I have some tips which can help you to succeed in becoming popular. Twitter can help you to reach your goal if only you use it effectively and which is more important regularly.  Before you register you should choose a username, if you do not want to state you real name you may find something creative. Others may want to use your real full name which is, of course, much more preferable because in that case your full name can give an impression of a serious person, so that in most cases people wouldn’t avoid following you.

Twitter Tips : 5 Ways to Attract More Twitter Followers

However, you can choose a creative name as well, even if you choose a creative name   it’s more preferable that you choose an eye catching one, sometimes creative names give better results as in that case people can guess from your name that you are an interesting and bright minded personality. You can present yourself with your nickname as well. But even if you would like to have a creative username you should choose something unique and quickly identifiable. Name also has its role in attracting others’ attention.

Twitter Tips : Positive and Negative Sides of Twitter

Keep in your mind; in order to become popular first of all people must pay attention on you. So you should do everything to be interesting for others. Twitter gives you opportunity to make your page interesting, unique and attention catching. You can change the look of your page which may give an impression that the page is run by a real person.  Express your ideas, share your thoughts, try to be conversational but do not behave yourself like a blab. You may bore your followers on Twitter behaving like that. Post interesting tweets regularly but don’t do it very often. People may get tired of your posts and give up paying attention on them.

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