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Blogs have become one of the most powerful tools to promote your business and your website. It allows you to keep your website updated with fresh content at the same time connect your existing customers and reach out to the potentially new ones. But how do you ensure that your blog finds maximum exposure or rather what is the best platform to promote your blog? Facebook is the place to be as it has emerged as the most powerful brand on the Internet after Google and poses direct challenge to the search engine giant. Here are a few ways in which you can promote your blog on Facebook and turn it into a sensation.

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Create A Facebook Page

To start with create a Facebook page. This is best way to ensure you reach out to the masses. Some people might wonder what a Facebook page would do that can’t be done with a profile. Well the answer is simple; to promote your blog through your profile would work only when you add thousands of people to it. Now there are some limitations to the number of people you can add on Facebook and forcing your blog onto them isn’t a great thing to do as your friends would either unsubscribe to your feeds or delete you completely from their list. A Facebook page on the other hand doesn’t have any limitations on subscription and adds to your brand value.

How to Gain More Popularity for Your Blog With The Help of Facebook

Share and Care

The best thing about the social media is the fact that information spreads virally. For this you need to also share good blogs, pictures posted by others. It is often believed that for every post that you share within your network, your post is also shared by others and thus you grow together. Also the fact that your name pops up on sharing or liking a feed helps you in show up in people’s feeds. Thus you tend to gain popularity even when you are promoting others.

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Link Your Blog on Timeline

This is the best thing to have happened on Facebook for people who want to leverage the platform to promote their blogs. Your link sits right up where it is most visible. This way you can catch immediate attention of your fans and followers. In most cases they are likely to click on the link and visit your business blog.

Use Facebook Apps

Facebook has emerged as the champion of social media thanks to the thousands of apps developed by small developers and businesses. There are a good number of blog promotion apps such as Social RSS, Notes, Discussion Boards etc. which can go a long way in promoting your blog and spreading your message. Most of these apps come absolutely free and allow you to promote your blog with ease.

Facebook Ads

Now this does come with its expenses but is a good way to promote your blog. The biggest advantage of this lies in the fact that it allows you to reach out to highly targeted audience on ‘Pay per Click’ basis. This allows you to customize the networks and groups in which your ads are promoted. The conversion rate of this technique is considered to be the highest as most of the users who view them have something in cohesion with what you post on your business blog.

All these tips can go a long way in promoting your blog via Facebook. You should hire the services of a good online marketing company for this job as this requires in depth knowledge of the platform and instinctive skills.


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