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Internet blogging is one of the great passions bubbling among people nowadays. Apart from hobby, bloggers are looking at it with a professional attitude. This somewhere down the line allures the bloggers to update their blogs at the first place. Amazingly most of the bloggers are students or young aspirants. Therefore, it is quite difficult for them to keep sitting in front of pc/desktop every time. Android has a lead a huge advent in this regard. This android app is going to cater services to catch up with their own blogs anytime, right from their smart phones or android phones. Android is one of the most popular software built in recent phones. It supports a big deal of applications. This helps you to manage with your blogs without much hassle. You can simply download them right on your phone, and can do your job easily anywhere wasting any time. By reading this article, you would come to know about the top seven android apps for bloggers. These cool apps can accessed from any of the smart phones and can get your work done moving around the world.

Top 7 Android Apps for Bloggers

Top 7 Android Apps for Bloggers

  • WordPress: it is one of the popular apps, which is highly admired by the bloggers. The best part of this app is that while posting content, you may save your draft. If you happen to commit any mistake, then you can also edit them. For people who cannot jot down things at one go, WordPress is a boon for them.
  • Blogger: it is one of the best blogging arenas, and for newbies is pretty easier to gain the traffic. Therefore, for blogging aspirants, it is a real boon. Yet is not much powerful but you can entry a few posts.
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  • Facebook: this is one of the most of popular social networking media. If any android device that allows you to share your post directly on the facebook, it would attract a lot of traffic on your website. Hence, facebook is a vital app these days.
  • Hoot Suite: in order to gain the high traffic on your website, it is crucial for you to involve and create a random activity on social networking sites. Hootsuite is a unique android app they gives you the freedom to share your post at the different social networking sites.
  • Twidroyd: twitter stands at the first place so far. It is the most essential apps for the bloggers. Twitter allows the blogger to tweet their blog post. This would inform their followers to share the content and hence, you would gain a huge popularity in the bloggers world.
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  • Moby: apart from writing quality content, your blog post needs to a little attractive. Moby is a great android app that enables you to share text, videos, and audios at the social media platforms and blogging website as well.
  • YouTube: YouTube is a highly popular social media station. Millions of users browse the video at this site. Thus with this help of this android app you can post anything and can understand anything you wish.

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