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The more followers you have on Twitter the more there will be people who will see your tweets.There are a lot of different ways through which you can increase the amount of people who follow you. First of all you should start following others. Most of them who you follow will probably follow you as well. If you want to get many followers you should get verified and not seem a fake one using your profile. Make others trust you. First impression is quite important.

5 ways to attract many Twitter followers

If you have a blog or a website first you should mention there that you are a Twitter user and also give your contact information on Twitter. Don’t bother people with details of you and your company, be more specific and make the content valuable.

Second if you are registered on other social networking sites you can announce there that you want to be followed on Twitter.

Twitter Tips : Get Free Twitter Followers

The third way is using any opportunity. Try everything and don’t miss any chance. In order to attract many followers you should be active. Don’t miss even a day.  Be active, be conversational, and take part in forums, blog comments on Twitter. Every opportunity may be fatal for your business. So why not to try to enlarge your business in this way?

The fourth way to attention is posting interesting tweets. Keep in mind, don’t excess, your Twitter followers may get tired of your tweets that you send all day long and they will not read your tweets any more.  Try to be more specific. Think something creative, tweet interesting content, and make sure that it will gain attention. Of course, it is difficult to write something both interesting and qualitative within 140 characters but take your chance.

Fifth- don’t just wait others to follow you.  Follow others every day; never give up because they may follow you too. Try to retweet everything that your followers post, they will see your attention towards them and they will be attentive to your tweets in return and retweet as well.

Twitter Tips : Positive and Negative Sides of Twitter

Above I mentioned about the advantages of having many followers, and I gave some tips to increase the number of your followers. But however, even if you can’t get many followers don’t despair. You know, having too many followers sometimes is nothing but formality. Why do you need followers who do not share your interests in reality? Getting followers is, of course, great and good for you but believe, it is better you have 50 followers who really follow you, share their ideas with you than you have hundreds of them and no one really cares whether you are there or not. So your destination should not be getting as many followers as possible, but you should concentrate your efforts on getting such Twitter followers who will be worth to follow.

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