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Major social networks, such as Facebook, have offered businesses a great opportunity to build a closer relationship and interact better with their audience. However, many business owners have complained that regardless of their efforts in building the company’s fan page, the number of fans is still very low. Moreover, those that ‘Like’ their page are not really engaged or very interested in their offer. So, what do some fan pages have that others don’t? According to SEO professionals, the success and appeal of a fan page resides in planning and having a clear purpose in mind. Let’s elaborate on these concepts.

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Step 1: Define a clear purpose

Obviously, nobody can plan a strategy without creating a purpose primarily. First of all, it is important that the business owner asks himself about the motivation of having a fan page. Instead of building a page just because the competition has one, think deeper and write down what you expect to achieve with the page. When a fan page is simply created because it is trendy, then it will not be different or stand out in the crowd. The business should craft the page including the elements that make the company unique. In addition, it is also highly possible that the offer on the Facebook page is very similar to the one found on the website.

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In short, building a page just for the sake of it will deem it dull and will certainly not capture the audience’s attention for too long. Instead of creating the Facebook page similar to the main site, a far better idea is to consider various ways to interact with the audience. For instance, a printing company could consider adding some fun applications that allows users to see what they look like as aliens, zombies or an animal. The bottom line is that the more interactive the page is, the more visitors it will have, regardless if they are part of the main audience of not.

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Step 2: Planning

Now, that you have created a unique fan page on Facebook for the company, it is time to sort out the posts. In other words, you will need to figure out the adequate number of posts per day and the type content appropriate for the page. In addition, you will need to determine the right format of the posts, a decision that should be made based on the niche of the business. A suggestion regarding the posts is to encourage your employees to sign them, as this adds a personal and warmer touch.

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It is not uncommon for users to post information about other products or criticize your services and offers. Since bad reviews will be read by the main audience and the idea is to show them that you support legitimate conversation, it is advisable to consider how to handle negative posts in advance. As a side note, do not forget that you simply cannot erase all the negative comments made by the users. Therefore, decide which type of comments can be deleted and inform your entire team about it.


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