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Social Media has the power to make or break the future of people or brands. It’s evident. You remember the Gucci – Gucci girl, Kreayshawn. She rose to fame with her self – recorded music video upload on YouTube, getting 3 million hits and then a subsequent offer from Columbia records. Similarly, we remember the Dominos nightmare where two employees posted videos of contaminated food as a hoax humor. The brand suffered negative impact and lack of trust from customers for quite a lot of time. It took a good many corrective measures, many month and a good amount of patience and hard work for the company to come back to form and to win back people.

How To Save Your Brand In A Social Media Crisis?

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The point is that, the internet never forgets. If I crisis hits, you need to act and you need to act smart because that’s how powerful social media is. Here are tips that should help your brand no matter how big or small you are. At the end of the, we all need to know HOW to stand up for ourselves.

1. Respond, Do Not React

This holds true in all situations. Every brand no matter big or small has its bunch of well wishers and some people who would simply disparage. Because social media is such a powerful medium, it’s important to take it seriously as it can influence a good number of people. When there are negative feedback or negative comments, we can’t really go about deleting them all, and hence, we need to respond wisely.

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Now, responding can also mean silence at times. That is, ignoring comments that are pointless. Or responding could be saying something that is factually and ethically correct to justify ones stand. There’s nothing wrong in this; but we need to take a call on what’s correct.

However, in serious felony situation being quiet is almost a sin! Action is always needed.

2. Be Alert And Quick

Being social does not mean you have a account registered. It means more than that. You need to be aware, alert and attentive.Listening to what people are saying. When crisis falls, most businesses are the last on the block to realize what has befallen them. Being prepared and alert can save you from this situation. Moreover, the faster you take corrective measures, the better is it.

A delay is often looked at as disrespect, if masses are involved; because when people seek answers, they have no patience!

3. Communicate And Be Honest

Crisis generally leads to lack of trust in the brand or the person. In most cases, this is the major problem. So, the only solution is to be honest and earnest in your approach to problem solving.

Social media is such a platform, that things spread like wild fire on it. If you have been hit by something negative, people are going to be talking about it – HERE on social media. No amount of Press Releases you make or statements you issue are going to work unless you get down on your knees and talk to the audience directly. This is only possible through social media and it is the need of the hour to capitalize on the platform.

Don’t make false promises or state things that are untrue. You need to act very carefully so as to deal with the situation in the best possible manner; without aggravating controversy.

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At the end of the day, only the company facing the situation can decide what the corrective measures are. Would a blog post work or a video interview? Would personal letters of appreciation to supporters work or will an on-ground activity work? These are questions that any brand will need to take a call on, right in the situation.

The only catch is that a crisis on social media cannot be ignored. It seldom dies down easily! With the immense power of people and word of mouth, it’s important to hold your audience together and not let them slip. Handle the fragile situation with care and strategy – that’s what crisis management on social networking media is all about.


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