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Are you still thinking over registering on Twitter or not? Do you have difficulties in making your final decision? You’re certainly recommended to use Twitter. Here are persuasive 5 reasons why you should use Twitter.
First reason is that Twitter is one of the best ways that keeps you well informed. On Twitter you can learn about the latest breaking news that happened on the other side of the world.  It works really very fast.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Twitter
The second reason is that you can ask questions, get answers as soon as possible and share your ideas with others as well.
The third reason that is also a serious reason: that is keeping in touch with friends, relatives, customers, employees, etc. You can get Twitter followers who will share your ideas.
The fourth reason is mainly for those who run a business.  Those who want to enlarge their business not only should but they surely must use Twitter.

Twitter is one of the best ways to get a large amount of customers. Then Twitter can be the best way to increase your brand awareness. It’s a good way to make good relations with your clients. Via Twitter you can also find employees. If your competitors use Twitter as well you can find out what they have on their minds with the help of their tweets.

The final fifth reason is that it’s interesting and enjoyable if you use it effectively. By saying effectively we mean you should be active. Twitter gives you opportunity to get involved in great conversations, learn something new from others and teach them as well. In addition to these all let’s mention that Twitter is a good way to sharpen one’s writing techniques.  In spite of all the reasons people who don’t use Twitter can’t imagine the value of it until they use it themselves. After using Twitter you may wonder why you haven’t used it before.

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