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Everything has a negative side to it and Android device is no exception to it as well. Android syncs all important information to Google account so that you don’t face any problem when you are changing the device. Keeping a backup is important because that will help you storing in all important information in one place. Things like your contact, settings, photos and even apps too. Sometimes this can be a pain too, because there are loads of apps on your device that you might not want in the new device, but as you have it in Google accounts therefore everything automatically gets transferred to our new device. Android has made our life easier since its inception, but these things make it really difficult for the users too. But as we love enjoying all its positive side therefore we have to face the brunt too. Then again Android has a solution too.


Uninstalling the apps

In order to carry out the process you will have to uninstall the apps from your device first so that you can remove the apps from Google account too and for that you have to follow the below mentioned steps carefully –

–          Open the app drawer

–          You have already decided the name of the apps that you don’t want so select it and hold it long unless it gets selected

–          Now press App info

–          Then you will get uninstall on top where you have to drag the app and drop it there to uninstall

In this way you can uninstall each app from your device or if you want to uninstall all apps then –

–          Go to the Settings

–          Then make the selection of Apps

–          Now choose Select All, to make the selection of app from your list

–          Now go ahead and uninstall

Removing the app from Google account

Now when you have removed all the unwanted apps from the device, it is the turn of your Google account. You will now be able to remove these unwanted and old apps that you no longer will put into use from Google account easily, but for that you have to go through the steps that are mentioned below

–           On your Android device you have to click open your Google Play store

–          Once it is open you have to click on the Google Play icon which is placed on top right. You can also bring up the menu by sliding your finger to the right corner from the left corner

–          Here you will get My Apps, select it

–          Now open the All tab

–          It will open up the app list from where you can select the apps you want to remove

–          Once the selection is done you can click on X that you will find on the top of the right side corner

–          When you hit there, you will get a pop up message Remove the selected apps from my apps

–          Here you will have to select OK and all unwanted apps will be removed from the account.

This is how you can stop old apps from automatically installing on your new Android.