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iPhone 4S Siri

iPhone 4S Siri is an Intelligent(Artificial) Software Assistant and a Knowledge Navigator application for iOS. Siri uses so called “Natural Language User Interface” to answer most of the questions asked by the user. Siri “understands” individual users over time and personalises the results, from setting an alarm to checking local traffic and so on…

iPhone 4S: How Siri works?
iPhone 4S: How Siri works?
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Siri – Unknown Facts

Siri was developed as an iOS Application, available from the Apple’s App Store. Also, Siri will be available for Apples Competitors like Blackberry and Android phones. But, after Apple bought this technology, the development work for other non-Apple platforms were cancelled.


Available in 3 languages, English, German and French (No nuts for Guessing!!!), many say Hackers have ported Siri to older model iPhones. The Siri available in the iPhone is the outcome of Half-a-dozen of universities research and over 40 years of development time.

First, your vocal query is encoded into a digital compact form to preserve the information.

Next, it reaches the Apple Servers via your near-by cell tower to your ISP and the Servers in the cloud.

Simultaneously, your phone evaluates, is this task a local task (play music, set alarm, send text message etc…) or a Internet Search (Train timing, Traffic info, etc…) by a local recognizer, which communicates with the servers.

Then, as usual the server performs its actions to compare your voice query against statistical models, and when the comparison yields the highest probability, it gets a Green Signal and to go ahead.

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Then a query string is generated, which is broken down into vowels and consonants, and is run into a language model, to guess, what your query actually means.

Then, when the numbers are above satisfactory, the server initiates the actions to fulfill your request.

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And amazingly, all of this happens in a matter of seconds.

iPhone with its Siri, will definitely be called grand fathers/ grand mothers of our digital future, and Boy, they deserve it!!!