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Google Currents

Google Currents will definitely be a welcome addition to the already flourishing iOS and Android Platforms. This app will take the on-the-go news reading to a whole new level. With its very slick interface, and variety of news sources to get news from, I’ll say, there’s no wrong taking it for a spin. Although, the low sync speed takes the sheen off the app. Hey, but come on, these could be fixed in the couple of upcoming updates.

Google Currents
Google Currents

Google Currents: Look and Feel

Like always, opening the app, asks your for your Google ID. This syncs between your various devices like smart phones / tablets etc… Once the sync is complete, you can’t resist the eye-catching layout, that works excellently on both portrait and landscape mode.

Clicking the icon, opens up a magazine layout with a look and feel that reminds us of our dear old print product. Choose the title, to read the entire article.

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Google Currents: Performance and Features

You can choose your subscription for news from various resources, or the default options leaves you with 6 resources. Like already said, the sync is a bit slow, even when using a 1 Mbps Wi-Fi connection, with no other devices connected, hogging the bandwidth. Once when the update completes for each source, they start to get their color back from a greyed out icon.

What about Offline working? Well, the updates that has already been downloaded can be viewed, without internet connectivity. There occurs some few problems with the images, of that news resource. Some images are displayed and some are not. Like a compulsion, its integrated with social networking features like Facebook, Twitter and others like e-mail,  Tumblr, Instapaper and PinBoard.

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Google Currents: Price

Google Currents is available for free download and is currently a US only app. It’s a 10Mb download, and currently can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store and Android Market. Google Currents availability will be extended throughout the globe soon.