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When something new comes up we all are curious about it and want to know what it is and if it is interests us then we definitely try it out. The same holds true for the iCloud Keychain. It was introduced with the iOS 7 update which basically helps the users of Apple devices keep their passwords and credit card information safe and secured. Apart from that, it also helps the users get strong password through the password generator available in it. It is a free update so users will find it in the Settings menu of their device.

How-to-setup-iCloud-keychain-for-iOS7Some more information about iCloud Keychain

iCloud Keychain is a feature that can be used to sync all your passwords across the device and not only that it has a password generator which will help you get strong password so that you can protect all your important information like the credit card details and other important passwords too. Through encryption, passwords are kept protected so that no one else gets to access it and it syncs password and username of Safari. When there are certain accounts which requires changing of passwords at regular interval, then it becomes a real headache to come up with new and strong passwords every time, so with the help of password generator you will get good passwords without any problem.

Setting up iCloud keychain for iOS7

If you like this feature and want to set it up on your iOS 7 device, then you will have to follow these below mentioned steps and you will get it done smoothly:

  • First, you need to go to the Settings and select iCloud in there
  • There you will find the iCloud keychain which you need to turn on
  • You now have the iCloud ready to use
  • Now it will ask you to enter Appleā€™s credentials to sign in iCloud
  • After entering the username the system will ask you to create a password or it will ask you whether you want to use the same iPad password for iCloud too
  • In order to get better security, it is recommended to generate a new password

Now if you are a kind of person who loves shopping online, then it is better to secure the transaction through credit cards and for that you will have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • You go to the settings menu
  • In there you will find Safari
  • Now you have to select Passwords & AutoFill
  • Then turn on names and password and also credit card

While you are trying to get a password for iCloud keychain it is important that you choose an alphanumeric password for that because it is always considered to be a better way of protecting your important details. Once you have confirmed your password you can enter the phone number so that the verification code can be sent to this number when you will be trying to get the iCloud keychain to other Apple devices.