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The Popular Mobile Operating System in Whole world is Android . The popularity of Android is increasing day by day because their are uncountable Android apps for Android OS . They are increasing everyday i.e. hundreds of applications are coming to android market daily ! Android mobiles are becoming popular in India & also Indians are Technically better for logic & developments so the some much popular android apps are developed by Indians . These Apps are not just for fun they are useful in our daily life ! So check out these apps :-

1. MyCityWay India :-

Android app

For traveling anywhere the GPS is the best guide for anyone . Now days The GPS  is common everywhere but the India has some restrictions for use the GPS because the road maps not available but the MyCityWay India  this app has the great database of Indian roads,cities,places & they updating their database speedy ! So this Android app is very useful for Traveler’s !

2.Sweet’N’Spicy – Indian Recipes :-

Android App

Indians are love food & whole India has different regional tasty recipes . Check out this Android app for know the Indian recipes . This app is like a Recipe Book which has the over 5000 Indian recipes. this app also contain some recipes videos . In this app the you get full info the recipe that you want ! Download it & make the Sweet’N’Spicy Indian Food .

3. Foodspotting App:-

Android app

Previous app shows how make the Indian food But if you want eat food in Hotel ! Don’t upset here is the another Android app that shows where you get the best food ! The Foodspotting app shows the map of Food i.e. in this app you find the restaurant’s near by your place & also what are the specialties of that restaurant . You can also share your favorite Food spot by using this app .

4.Petrol Diesel LPG Prices India :-

Android app

The Petrol, Diesel& LPG prices are always changing so every one want to know the current price of Petrol,Diesel & LPG if you have Smartphone the check out this Android app where you get the Prices of Petrol,Diesel in your  city ! This app also shows the prices of different companies Pumps.


So Indian apps are very useful in daily life .We only listed some apps by Indians their are many other apps are available on Google play store which are developed by Indians !

These All Android apps are available On Google Play !