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Now that we all are moving fast so it becomes inevitable that we would love to be surrounded by things which work really swiftly. After clicking or double-clicking you will have to wait for near about a minute to open up the program in the past, but not anymore because there are ways to get things done real quick. You can use your keyboard shortcut keys to get things moving. You can access the pre-installed programs fats without taking help from any third party application. Earlier users followed the rule book and clicked on start menu, then go through the list of programs to find the program that they want to launch. But the days have changed and now people are hunting down new techniques to complete their task quick and easy. Launchy was helping many users to launch the program that they required smoothness, but now you can even bid a goodbye to your favorite third party launcher as well.

5-Ways-to-Launch-The-Program-Quickly-In-WindowsIf you are still wondering how you can get your work done faster then, here we will be discussing 5 different ways to quickly launch the programs in Windows.

  1. Search Option in Start menu – Most of us tends to ignore this useful search option right under our nose. You can operate this by using some keys on your keyboard. You have to hold the Windows key and it will bring up the start menu where you have to type in the name of the program you want to launch and hit enter. For example, you can type in just a word and it will bring up the MS word for you.
  2. Dialog box – In order to open the dialog box you will have to press the Windows key + R. Now type in the program you want to launch and hit enter or press OK in the dialog box so that it comes up with the mentioned programs. So if you want to open Mozilla Firefox then you can type in Firefox and when you hit enter, it will open up the browser for you.
  3. Free third party app – In order to launch the programs quickly some people used to take the help of third party launcher apps like Launchy for free. Once you have installed this third party app you have to hold the Alt + Space key anywhere in the Window to make the Launchy appear. It is smarter than Windows shortcut keys as you can easily type in ffx to bring up the Firefox.
  4. Customizing the frequently used app – A keyboard shortcut can be customized for the app that is put to use frequently that way you won’t have to follow a long path to open it. For that you have to first figure out the app from the start menu or desktop and right click on it to get the properties and when you are in the properties window you need to go to the Shortcut tab and there enter your preferred keyboard shortcut. You can now open the app by typing in the saved shortcut path.
  5. Taskbar shortcuts – When you have many applications present on your taskbar, you can press Win + 1 to 9 key to open up each application. Instead of clicking on the application you are using the shortcut keys to open it from the taskbar.