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Music is the food for many and for these people no music tools are enough to serve them. They keep on looking for new tools which will help them to get better music. Technology keeps updating itself and therefore the users want to get the best for them so that they can enjoy the enhanced music experience. There are some gadgets for all the music freaks out there if you are using the Windows 7 and Windows Vista. The new music gadgets that are available online will not only enhance your music experience, but will also provide you with some cool new features that you won’t normally find in music players.

5-Awesome-Music-Desktop-Gadgets-for-Windows-Vista-and-Windows-7If you are a Metal fan or Hard Rock fan it doesn’t matter as there are options for all of you out there. Here we are mentioning 5 such amazing Music desktop gadgets for Vista and Windows 7:

  1. Chronix Metal Radio – If you swear by Heave Metal then this application will provide you with several features that will enhance your music experience. You can be part of the forum or even view the playlists or actual songs. The cool feature makes it possible for you to know whether the listener slot is full or not. If it shows red eyes, then it means that the limits of 300 listeners are full. You can also request your favorites on the homepage so that the music player can include that song too.
  2. iTunes Accessory Gadget – This music application will help you to operate the tracks like if you wish, you can playback the tracks or play with various settings that are available in this iTunes application. From the Menu you can Choose the playlist or EQ and also you have the option of enabling the shuffle On so that the songs can be played randomly.
  3. UnsignedBandWeb.com radio – This application introduces new artists to you, there are various artists whom you are not aware of but with this application you will get to explore more of your favorite songs and much more. New bands and new artists reach out to a wider audience through this radio application. Not only that you can also control songs, volume and playback. Soft rock, Ska, Rap, Soulful music, etc. is part of this application.
  4. iClassical radio Player – Many people complain that they have seen many applications for rock, rap or Metal but not many talks about Classical music. So for people who breathe classical music is in for a treat because of the huge collection of music that is available in the iClassical Radio Player. There are no extra features apart from play and stop, but the wide range of music makes it an enviable desktop app.
  5. Media Player Gadget – The latest version has volume controls to enhance the experience of the users. It syncs with Window Media player thus enabling easy search through the playlist and not only that, it also allows the users with graphical options, providing the users with the track details along with album artwork. You can also visualize the song that you are listening with the help of Media Player Gadget.