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When you are connecting through Wi-Fi in order to save time and energy we tend to check the box of remember the password so that every time we use the Wi-Fi we don’t have to give in the details. Another interesting thing that you can do is to transfer the passwords to a different computer too. And in order to do that you can take the help of three different ways of restoring or backing up your Wi-Fi password and they are –

–          Windows

–          WirelessKey View

–          LastPass

3-Simple-Ways-to-Back-Up-And-Restore-Your-Wi-Fi-PasswordsRestoring and backing up through Windows

The only disadvantage of this method is that the network settings of the Wi-Fi can be imported one at a time.

–          Go to Network and Sharing Center

–          Now click on the Manage wireless networks and you will be provided with the list of Wi-Fi networks that you have saved

–          Now right click and scroll down to Properties to click on it

–          Here you have to select Copy this network profile to a USB flash drive link and a prompt will appear and ask for a flash drive

–          Now wait for the process to complete. Once it is done, you can simply unplug the USB and connect to another device and click two times on Setup SNK.exe file so that you can import settings of the network that is saved by you

–          Even in the security tab that is available in network’s properties when you click on Show characters it will show you the password

Restoring and backing up through WirelessKey View

This will come in handy if you are working with more than one Wi-Fi passwords. You can view all at once and export them too.

–          Download utility

–          On the .exe file, double click and it will show you list of passwords that you have saved

–          Now pin point the networks that you want to export and then click on Save selected items

–          HTML report can also be put to use and you will find this option in the View menu

Restoring and backing up through LastPass

In order to make use of it you have to follow the below mentioned steps –

–          The LastPass button needs to be clicked

–          Then go to Import from and there you have to make the selection of Wi-Fi passwords

–          LastPass FF Toolbar prompts will appear, but in case you do not see this option, then it means that you are still running the older version of LastPass

–          If you come across error message, then you will have to run LastPass Universal Installer to get the Wi-Fi utility for system

–          Now click on Import on a new tab to get the wi-fi passwords that you have saved

–          Click on the boxes besides the network that you want to import

–          Select ‘Export to’ and then Wi-Fi passwords

–          This will ensure that the passwords are saved and wi-fi can be connected easily