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When you are working on your laptop or desktop it is always easier to operate from the keyboard only without reaching out for the mouse. What happens is that when you are using mouse and keyboard then you are swinging between two of them which consumes much more time. Even apps can be launched on your desktop without touching the mouse. Apart from this you can also switch between multiple windows or edit text or clean your mail account through keyboard shortcuts only. Some simple keyboard uses that we do in our daily life are the Ctrl + C for copying the text, Ctrl + X for cutting the text completely and   Ctrl + V for pasting.  These are very common usage of keyboard shortcuts, but other than that there are various other usages of keyboards which help us in saving time in toggling between keyboard and mouse.

10-Windows-Keyboard-Shortcuts-You-Don't-KnowWe will be providing you with 10 Windows Keyboard shortcuts that you might not be aware of:

  1. Operating tabs – You can open and also close tab of browsers through keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl + W. You have to be in the tab which you want to close and press Ctrl + W and that tab will be closed. If you want to reopen the tab, then you need to press Ctrl + Shift + T. Whereas if you want to close the Window that you were working, then press Ctrl + Shift + W and the whole will window will close. Ctrl + T will help you open a new tab for you.
  2. Application launch and shortcuts – If you want to open any application then first you have to hit the Windows key on your keyboard, then type in the name of the app and then hit enter and you will get the application you were looking for. Launching application from the taskbar will require you to use the keys Win + 1 to 9 from left to the right.
  3. Maximizing/minimizing the size of the Window – Pressing Win + Up/Down will allow you to maximize the window or minimize the size of the window as per your preference.
  4. Switching windows – Alt + Tab will help you to toggle between multiple windows and this is really helpful when you are collecting information from different windows.
  5. Closing browser – Alt + F4 will close the browser you are in.
  6. Locating Files or folders – Press Win + F and it will open up search window, type in the folder name you are looking for and it will bring you up the same.
  7. Browser shortcuts – Ctrl + L will take you straight up in the address bar where you can enter the URL you have been looking for. Then in order to move forward in the browser press Shift + backspace and in order to move backward just press backspace key. Ctrl + Enter will open link in a fresh new tab.
  8. Grammar checks – One key will bring up the spelling and grammar check box and that is F7 key on your PC.
  9. Going back to the desktop – Sometimes we open up too many windows and it becomes a tedious job to minimize every window to get back to the desktop, but if you use the Win + D then you will get the desktop screen in a jiffy.
  10. Delete permanently – If You want to delete something permanently then you can press Shift + Delete and it will not be found in the recycle bin also.