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Now with Smartphones doing the rounds in the market everybody is on there. The Social networking sites are easily accessible from our Android and iOS devices so most of the time we are available in there. So they are coming up with apps and features too that will help us better our experience with them. Recently Twitter came up with the feature where you can view the image itself rather than the link. Some are in love with this feature and some are annoyed with this little development. So all you guys who gave thumbs up to this inline image can continue using it, but for others who are looking for options to turn it off here is a way out that would help you. The only thing is that you can only turn it off for the Smartphone versions only.

How-to-turn-off-twitter-inline-images-in-Mobile-appProcedure of turning off the inline images on twitter

Though it is great to view the images right away and it also helps you avoid multiple clicking before actually you are able to view the actual image but it also ate up a lot of space. So at the end you will feel that your timeline is all congested which is not welcome at all. Twitter also has the option of removing it so if you feel your timeline has no free space left, then you can follow the steps to get it off –

–          In your Smartphone you have to go to the app

–          Then select the icon which is shaped like a human head. It is also known as Me icon

–          Now select the gear like icon which will come up with a drop down of three options – Edit Profile, Settings and Help.

–          You have to select the Settings option from there

–          In the settings you will have various options of Sound effects, Font size and in the Advanced section you will Mentions, Proxy, Location and Image Previews

–          You have to turn off the Image Previews

–          That’s it! You are done, now you won’t get the image preview anymore

In order to turn it off you have to undo the check mark in the box beside Image Previews or if you have the switch then toggle it off. In the Android version you will get the check mark option an in the iOS devices you will have to toggle off. This is the easiest way to do away with this feature.

Though almost every site has become responsive yet there is a slight difference when you are using your desktop instead of Smartphone devices. Therefore, when you are using the app you have better options and choices to customize due to various tools or features available, but when you are going to the Twitter’s website you will still have the preview images instead of the links. Though twitter might have thought they were helping the users with this great feature, but it somehow backfired and left maximum users fuming over this issue.