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Why to Choose The Right Domain Name??

It is a big deal to Choose The Right Domain Name for your Blog. Well, It’s a very important point to take decision upon as A domain Name is the first impression for a Blog.  One of the most Important part of Blogging is Choosing The Right Domain Name as It really Plays a Vital role for your Entire Blogging Career. A good Domain Name will always help you to meet business in no Time. Remember, Be Accurate at Choosing The Right Domain Name. Do not rush to buy for the first Name that comes into your kind.

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Nowadays, Blogs are Growing and there is heavy competition among the search engines for a particular Keyword.  So, A domain Name Really Matters for your blog and even for your Search Engine Rankings.   So, I will be sharing few tips that you must consider to Choose The Right Domain Name.

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Tips to Choose The Right Domain Name

Tips to Choose The Right Domain Name

  • Go for .COM Domain :  A .com Domain has been the most Blogger’s Choice and it really sounds professional. .COM domains is the best as it helps to  provide SEO boost, So .com domain is SEO friendly and will help you to rank high in Search Engine Rankings.
  • Use a Domain that is Easy to Remember and Easy to pronounce.
  • Always remember, the shorter is the Domain, the more visitors it will attract as it could be easily remembered. A long domain Name looses its visitors as most of the people forget its URL.  As you can see our own Site’s Domain Name that is Moretricks.com!!! So, it’s easy to pronounce and easy to remember. So, it attracts more visitors.
  • Avoid Hyphens: It’s not a serious reason but Still various readers for about hyphens while typing a URL of the Website. So, it’s genuine reason.
  • Avoid your own Name just for Branding: Yes, Many people create their website with their own names for branding. At some points, it sounds cool but in the eyes of Search Engines, it’s a Poor Quality Domain.
  • Include Site Keywords: See, As I said earlier that more and more websites are being created and as such there is a Heavy Competition in the Search Engines for a Particular Keyword. So, You must include the Keyword of your blog niche in your Domain Name to get more SEO Boost.
  • Try Getting Older Domains:  This strategy is very famous that people have been buying domains that are old and have a Good PR as these Old Domains have authority in the eyes of Google which will help your posts to be indexed fast and rank higher in Search results. But still, getting old Domain Names of your niche is a tough job due to their Low Availability and High Prices.
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So, I shared some really helpful tips to Choose The Right Domain Name.
Hope you find this article informative!
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