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Why to Increase Blog Comments???

Today I will be sharing Killer tips to Increase Blog Comments. Well, you might be writing Killer posts and getting no comments on it?? Well, Various blogs in the blogosphere are suffering with less comments!! You need to work really hard to increase comments on your blog. Getting more comments show the reader engagement on one’s blog and the blogs getting more comments are always preferred by Visitors. So, Increasing comments on your Blog plays a Vital role in improving your blog’s first impression. Hence, it is necessary to attract more & more high Quality Comments on your blog.Most readers feel too lazy to comment. But, by following the below Killer tips to Increase Blog Comments, will be helpful to you and will give positive results.

10 Killer Tips to Increase Blog Comments

Killer Tips to Increase Blog Comments

(1) Give and Take Policy

You might be aware about the term we say in real life that Give love,Get love. But, In Blogging, We can say Give Comments,Get Comments. Comments on your friends blogs and in return, they will be prompted to comment on your blog too.

(2) Gain Traffic

Have you ever thought that Anyone will comment on your posts, even if you have no visitors for your blog. That’s Silly!! Good Traffic helps to build reader community. Gaining Traffic is an important part of Increasing blog Comments and you can’t skip it. More traffic can help to Increase blog Comments.

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(3) Latest Fresh Content

Readers and Various Netizens visit your Blog to see Something New, Quality,Latest and Fresh Content. Remember, it’s the content only which decides that you are going to receive zero comments or ten Comments. So, Write Killer posts to get more Appreciative Comments and Increase Blog Comments.

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(4) Add Top Commentator Widget

This Trick has been very popular since past and it’s still working very well. Just place a Top Commentators Widget at the Sidebar. Lot of readers will Start commenting on your posts to see them in the list of Top Commentators. As such, there will be a feel of competition among various readers and It will help you to obtain more readership.

(5) Respond to Comments

I have seen many Bloggers that they do not respond to their readers’ queries and feedback. It’s a very bad habit if you too are following this thing. Readers will find it useless to comment on posts, if you’re not replying to their comments. Even you may loose many faithful readers if you won’t reply to their problems or queries. If you respond to your blog comments frequently, you are most likely to Increase Blog Comments.

(6) Running Contests

Announce a Top Commenting Contest on your blog and See the Viral Comments that you are receiving. Offer quite awesome Giveaways as such to attain more readership for your blog. This trick has been the most working to Increase Blog Comments.

(7) Dofollow Blog with Commentluv and Keywordluv installed

This trend has been popular and Common nowadays in the Blogosphere to get more Comments on your blog posts. Commentluv automatically leaves backlinks to the Commentators’ Most Recent Post. Keywordluv is another useful plugin which will prompt your readers (at least Bloggers) to comment on your blog to Improve their blog’s Keyword Density. Dofollow Blog removes nofollow tag from all your comments.

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(8) Asking Readers to Comment

At the end of your post, Just ask your readers various questions. Request them to Comment. If you are really writing useful and informative posts, Readers will be forced to leave a comment.

(9) Remove Captcha

I really advice you to remove captcha. As we all know that link building is a tough job and needs time, People cannot waste time only for filling captcha while Commenting. So, Remove it from your blog otherwise your readers will get frustrated and leave your blog very soon.

(10) Try your best to improve your Pagerank

It has been found that blogs having a better page Rankings are receiving more comments. So, Work hard and give time to Link building to achieve better Page rankings.High Page Rank always helps to Increase Blog Comments.

So, I hope you enjoyed my article!!!
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2 thoughts on “Killer Tips to Increase Blog Comments”
  1. Great post, although I would also note that adding word verification to your comments might backfire. I understand wanting to cut down on spam, but it also adds another barrier for the commenter, and I think it’s more beneficial to make commenting as easy as possible. I would recommend starting without it, and if you find you have a large spam problem, adding it in later. But I’ve been on Blogger for over a year at my current blog, and even without word verification have only gotten a handful of spam (all caught by Blogger’s filters).

  2. Hi Kuldeep, Putting Top commentator widget is a nice way to quickly bring comments to a blog. However, it may also opens the door for spam comments so make sure that you are ready for strict moderation. Thanks for the killer tips.

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