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Ways to Promote your Blog Offline

Have you ever thought that there are Ways to promote your blog offline to drive more traffic towards your blog without getting in touch with Internet. Well, every blogger tries methods to drive more traffic and promote his blog to the world. In this post, I will be sharing some cool,crazy and funny ways to promote your blog offline. You can implement these methods when you are offline, on vacations, etc. So, here are the Top 7 Crazy Ways to promote your blog offline. However, you will really like these methods as they are funny as well as genuine.


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7 crazy ways to promote your blog offline

7 Crazy Ways to promote your blog offline


(1) Use posters
Well, you might seen some posters on walls on any release of new films. So, let’s do something creative and place your blog’s posters to attract all the people. Create a cool Poster with A logo of your blog and description. You can even paste this poster on various street walls,Cars,buses, vehicles to gain the attention of the people.

(2)Create an identity card for your blog

Mostly , we see Id cards for people who do business or job. But here we are going to create an Identity card for our own blog. You might meet many people around the world while travelling,moving here and there and many more. So, come in contact with people and give them the ID card of your blog which should contain your blog’s link and A little description.

(3)Get a T-shirt having your blog’s link

Wherever you go, people look at your clothing style. So, get a T-shirt for your blog containing your blog’s URL. Make it a bit attractive, so that it won’t look so odd.

(4) Make use of Public Toilets

This points sounds really odd and crazy, but it’s the best way to gather public’s attention. Mostly you see, girls/boys names but now you can place your blog’s link to gain more blog popularity.

(5)Hosting/Sponsoring events

Nowadays, people have been hosting and sponsoring various events to give their business exposure.  So, it’s now that you can give exposure and branding for your blog too.

(6)Magazines and Newspapers too help

People/companies/Brands give ads in newspapers & magazines for popularity. You can even give it a try for your blog.

(7)A short SMS can go Viral

Even I have adopted this trick. It’s simple and working. Add your blog link in a SMS and send it to various people saying that if you sent this SMS to 20 people, you will be rewarded by free recharges. As this chain goes ON and ON, it’s cool for you as this will give your blog exposure.


Hope you really liked these 7 Crazy Ways to promote your blog offline!!
If you have any other way, Kindly share with us via comments!! 

4 thoughts on “7 Crazy Ways to Promote your Blog Offline”
  1. Kuldeep, I really appreciate your effort in making this post possible and also making it your number one for this year. I hope to see you writing more of this during the year.


  2. Kuld.
    Thanks for this very valuable information. As a newbie, this is something that I need to start doing on a regular basis. This is the first time I have read about how to promote my blog correctly instead of just hoping it will get somewhere in Google.
    Keep up the good and informative blogs.

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