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Google’s Social Search options allow users of the search engine giant to integrate their various social networks into their search capabilities in everything they do online. This allows individuals to see not only results which are relevant to their internet query but also results that carry significance for the members of their social media networks.

How Google Social Search Works

Essentially, Google’s Social Search accomplishes social network search results by allowing Google account holders to link accounts from several of the larger social media sites, including: Yelp, Blogger, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to name just a few. Once accounts are linked, your Google searches will include content that members of your various social networks have shared which are relevant to each search query you input in Google.

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Contemporary Social Searches

Google’s Social Search has existed for some time but changes made in early 2011 increase the prominence of social search results in Google page ranking. In the past, links and content shared by your social network members would have appeared much lower in the Google page. Today, social search results appear throughout Google page ranking, with ratings based on both social networking connections and traditional Google page review processes. In order for Google users to easily distinguish between the two, the profile picture and source details for each social network member’s relevant results appear on your Google search pages, mixed in with all the other more traditional web results.


Utilizing Google Social Search for Business

Of course, in order for businesses and individuals to get the full benefits of Google Social Search, all members of your social media networks would need to participate. You can encourage those in your social network circles to use Google Social Search via occasional status updates promoting the benefits of it. Or, you can simply depend on the steady growth in popularity that Social Search is experiencing to bring about a new social media marketing option for your business. Either way, you should realize that the 2011 changes in Social Searches page ranking methodologies opens new doors for internet promotions via social networking.

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Social Search and SEO Social Media Updates

The manner in which Social Search pulls relevant search results from the status updates on different social media utilities now allows internet marketing specialists to optimize their own business status updates for stronger search engine results. In the same way that content on your business website should be optimized for high performance in Google page ranking, your social media status updates can now be as well.

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Benefits of Google Social Search for Social Media Marketing

The more that you target your social media posts for Google results the more likely any Google Social Search users are to see information about your business products or services in their everyday internet searches. Not only do you get the benefits of putting your business information before fans and followers on your social media pages, but that information will also appear to network members who use Google Social Search, effectively increasing the breath and duration of any social media status update you post on any of your social media accounts.