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Google clearly says that the speed of site is the one of the main factor for deciding your site’s page rank.So we have to make our blog loading fast to acquire a better ranking.There are a lot of reasons that make your blog loading slower.Here I am listing some tips to increase your page load time.

  • Selecting a Web Server

It is very important to select a robust server.The server is the back bone of your site or blog.So if the server is very fast and have a low response time,then it will also makes your site high performance.

  • Reduce and optimize the images

The images takes a long time to load and also takes a high band width,you have to reduce the number of images as possible.Before you add images to your post body ,compress and optimize it.You can also install Smash.it plugin in WordPress to optimize your images automatically when you add it into your post.

  • Use a Better theme

Themes carries a major role in the speed of the blog.If you are using a not well formed theme,it will cause a high loading time.When selecting the theme consider the factors such as number of images,CSS,javascripts,etc that includes in your theme.The best theme available for WordPress theme is thesis theme.

  • Reduce the number of plugins

If you browse through the plugin list,you may feel that everything is useful for you.But the plugins will eat your server and affect the loading time,use the better and most valuable plugins for your blog.If you are not activated a plugin just remove it from your plugin list.

  • Update,Update,Update

Update your plugins,WordPress,theme when it is available.Since updating removes a lot of bugs and also gives a better performance.

  • Install WP-Supercache

WP-super cache is a caching plugin which will caches your blog as a static HTML pages instead of actual page.It will reduce the number of request to the database.This is a very important plugin you must install in your WordPress blog.

  • Reduce the number of scripts

Reduce the number of scripts that is use in your blog in the form of tracking scripts,ad serving scripts etc.It will make your page loading time higher.

  • Enable G_zip

Enabling G_Zip makes your blog to be compressed and load faster.It also reduces the band width usage.But remember that all the host is not enabled G_zip compression and G_zip can be enabled iff your server has enables G_zip mode.

  • Reduce number of posts in Home page

Make number of posts available in the home page as short as possible.

  • Fix number of comments per page

Fix the number of comments per page as short as possible.You can make visible of 10 comments per page for a better page load.

  • Optimize your Database Regularly

Optimizing database removes the overhead on the database and makes your blog fast.You can just read HOW TO OPTIMIZE DATABASE TO BOOST WEBSITE PERFORMANCE to know about optimizing database

This are the tips I can suggest you to reduce the loading time of your blog.What are the other methods you are using to reduce your blog loading time?comment below your tips.