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Since my class started,I just made a pause on updating contents in site.Any way I made my last post about DOWNLOAD GOOGLE CHROME OFFLINE INSTALLER

If you are having a website or blog,it is very important to get a custom  domain for it.The custom domain have a lot of benefits over a sub domain such as blogspot.com.Custom domains are search engine friendly than the sub domains.So to keep a web site in success we have to get a custom domain.

Since custom domain is costly some of the users wont try for a custom domain.But even if you don’t have money to buy a custom domain,you can enjoy the benefits of custom domain by the use of free custom domains.

How to register a free domain name?There are a lot of free domain register services available.Among those free domain registration services the co.cc is a better one.Most of the users are aware about co.cc and this article is not for those users.

co.cc is the leading free domain registration service and with the help of co.cc you can register your domain name for one year free.The registration of co.cc will gives a domain in the format of username.co.cc.You can use it one year for free with out providing any credit card or bank details.After one year you can renew your domain for just $3 per year and if you don’t want you can leave it.

You can visit http://www.co.cc and register your domain for free.

Please note that once you registered a domain you have to setup it with your site details within 48 hours to avoid cancelling of your domain registration..

Earlier Google removed all co.cc domains from  search results due to increased spamming.However Google started re-indexing of the co.cc domains later.However I don’t suggest you to go with co.cc domain if you are serious about your business.For temporary purpose you can get free domain co.cc and use it.

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    1. There are lot of plugins available to manage the ads.And I am using quick adsense for this purpose..

    1. co.cc is not providing free space space for you .It’s a free domain service and you can only get free domain name from co.cc . 🙁

  1. I agree with you Steve,Free hosting and domain will always provide low performance…

  2. Google start de-indexing these domain names. So how do you feel that they might be useful for anyone? -rakesh kumar

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